Jose Rodriguez is back in jail!

I had a representative in the courtroom.  This is what she reported:

Rodriguez was present.

ICE agents were present.  Judge Yoder declared he is in ICE custody since he is a fugutive from ICE.  That confirms this story from July 8th:

He is being held in the McLean County jail, no further details are available yet on future moves by ICE.

Bond was raised to $1,000,000, it isn’t clear yet why.  Judge Yoder declared that if the 10% ($100,000) is posted, the court will order GPS tracking and possible tracking of where the money came from.

Many friends and co-workers of Corey were present.  Don’t forget the Ride today, if you don’t ride, line Wood and Main streets.  Details:

This comment was left on that story:

corey ride

Sonny Garcia is leading a rally tonight to demand all illegals be released from detention camps.

Sonny, they are free to go whenever they want.  Instead of north, they just need to head south.

24 thoughts on “Jose Rodriguez is back in jail!

  1. Great news concerning Rodriquez. At least it’s a start in the right direction. Garcia has to be one of the biggest dirt bags on the planet. Has to have this event on the same day when honoring someone who was killed (no question, it’s intentional). Garcia and people like him are beyond sick. They really don’t care if more people get killed because of their political crusades.

  2. Good news indeed. It occurred to me that Jenn seems uncharacteristically quiet lately. Hmm… Wonder if she’ll stay clear of Sonny’s rally given the obvious political implications.

    1. Her and Crabill have probably been strategizing all this week to throw up as many roadblocks as possible to planned ICE raids this weekend. A bit brow raising that both missed the council meeting this past Monday. I can tell you she compiles significant frequent flier miles. The Chicago office of IPA knows her well.

  3. On a rather mundane Friday, this is GREAT NEWS. Even the Pantygraph had to note this happening. Of course Nutcase Nagel (Pantygraph reporter) turned off the comments. They really don’t want to see how people really feel.
    I posted a comment to the “cheers” opinion page on Pantygraph….it will never see the light of day as they will delete it. Remember the name of the lawyer representing this douche canoe….tell all friends and family to not have anything to do with attorney Chris Gramm.

  4. Does anyone know what happens when an illegal alien is convicted of a felony? Do they go to a US federal prison, or do they get deported – thereby essentially getting away with it? Will he even go to trial, or will ICE just deport him – thereby no justice? I don’t know how it works.

  5. Chris Gramm is not a public defender as far as I know. He is a private atty so someone would be paying him to defend this person. At prob 250 to 300$ an hour average.

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