Rodriguez had a deportation order

By:  Diane Benjamin

It is official – Jose Rodriguez in an illegal alien.  Catch and release policies allowed him to be free in this country since 2013.  Of course he didn’t show up for his court date.


STATEMENT: (on the record from Nicole Alberico as an ICE spokesperson)
On June 23, 2019, deportation officers with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) placed an immigration detainer with McLean County (Illinois) Jail on Jose Rodriguez-Rodriguez, 26, an illegal alien from Honduras, following his criminal arrest in Bloomington, Illinois.

On April 17, 2013, U.S. Border Patrol agents (USBP) encountered Rodriguez-Rodriguez after he illegally entered the United States; they issued him an expedited removal order. On March 6, 2014, a federal immigration judge (IJ) ordered him removed in absentia; he is considered an ICE fugitive.

ON BACKGROUND (from an ICE official):
Detainers serve as a legally authorized request, upon which a law enforcement agency may rely, to continue to maintain custody of an alien for up to 48 hours so that ICE may assume custody for removal purposes. Pursuant to ICE policy, all ICE detainers are submitted with an accompanying administrative arrest warrant or warrant of removal depending upon the circumstances of the individual case. ICE places immigration detainers when the agency possesses probable cause to believe an alien is deportable from the United States. More information on ICE detainer policy can be found at the following website:

Expedited removals occur when a non-U.S. citizen is denied entry into the United States and is physically removed, usually from a U.S. port of entry. Expedited removals carry the same legal consequences as a removal (deportation).

Illinois will be flooded with illegal aliens because of the Trust Act.  Congrats Illinois!

Did he apply for DACA too?

35 thoughts on “Rodriguez had a deportation order

  1. Positively infuriating. The judges, the police officers, and every other person in the “legal” system in Bloomington and McLean County cannot be trusted; cannot be relied on; have no integrity; are law breakers themselves. This is an incredibly sad, low, disgusting day when we realize we cannot trust any of them.

  2. If they give these goomers the right to vote, we a so screwed!! We devolve deeper into orchestrated lawlessness every election cycle. And we have the republicans to save us? Like i said we are screwed. Vote, vote, vote.

  3. This comes as no surprise….I wonder if the crappy TV and radio media as well as the Pantygraph will report this. I hope it is addressed during public comment, the non-reactions of Tax’n Tari and Jennie Poo will show their real makeup.
    Yes Rauner is guilty along with quite a few others. He thought he would get votes by supporting this and a couple of other issues. Instead it was the final nails in his political coffin.
    Unfortunately if he would not have signed it Illinois politics are so f’ed up SIR LORD OF LARD LOINS (Prickster) would have made it happen
    Am I pissed?

    1. Local media won’t touch this because it completely blows the liberal narrative that all illegal aliens are harmless and just here for a better life. Rodriquez and his supporters knew that his actions here were illegal but didn’t care. That’s where these immigrants differ from all others. They have no intention to assimilate into the American culture. Once that fact becomes clear, everything else is just lies.

  4. All this and legalized Pot is on the way! I doubled my Uninsured / Under-insured portion of my auto policy. Many drivers will be drunk, texting, high or illegal in whatever combination. No wonder many of my friends are leaving Illinois!

    1. The senorita is really “all in” on circumventing the laws of the United States. Keep this video somewhere for safe keeping. Maybe even consider going national with it on Fox News. I think flooding the country with her buddies is the only thing this woman is concerned with. It is obvious AOC is one of her heroines and basically patterns her life after her. Her paid all the money to make her legal? Who paid for her education in the U.S. Who paid for her apartment? IPA (i.e. Democratic Socialists of America-Chicago) must have quite the war chest.

  5. We should be thanking our city they’re the ones that killed this man by making Bloomington a sanctuary city they would’ve never arrested him or deported him so essentially they killed him

      1. Yes, I noted immediately what 3 languages they are too. Talk about “playing favorites”.

  6. Okay, I am hoping somebody will show me I am wrong on what I write. I really do hope I am wrong but…..
    1) 4/17/13 he is “encountered by border patrol and an expedited removal order was issued. Why was he not sent back then libbies?
    2) 3/6/14 he is deported in abstentia by a judge and it is given to ICE to track him down
    3) 8/28/17 Rauner signs Trust Act thus obstructing the reporting of this SOB
    4) 8-24-18 He marries a local (presumed to be legal for this discussion) In doing that didn’t the SOB circumvent the law? He is married to an American citizen.
    So ICE failed from 3/6/14 to 8/28/17 to capture him….that is on them
    8/28/17 to 8/24/18….ICE obstructed by Rauner so that is on him
    8/24/18 Rodriguez gets by on a legal loop hole……

    Please tell me I am wrong…..that would make my day. Otherwise I think the SOB can’t be deported so they better throw the friggin book at him. Now if she isn’t a citizen….

      1. Ya made my day….plus I wonder what he used as ID which obviously was forged or fabricated.

    1. Even marrying a US Citizen does not confer legal status on an illegal. One of my co-workers has been going through the process of getting resident alien status for her husband (who is from England), who was never illegal, never had a deportation order and was not a fugitive for 4 years. It has taken over a year and involved extensive background checks on both him and her, interviews with both of them by ICE officers, and he had to complete the process in England.

      I HIGHLY doubt this Jose Rodriguez, if that is in fact his real name, jumped through any of these hoops.

  7. Thanks Jenn, I’ve been needing to brush up on my Spanish listening skills, so you have done something for me, HOWEVER, yes this needs spread around a bit to places that might care about such things. I will say she was pretty much saying the same thing in Spanish as she was in English, no major differences in the message, I was listening specifically for that. Now HOW can this be even legal? Seriously? We can also thank the people who had the JENN signs in their yards…

  8. 1) Mr. Rodriguez turned himself in, if he was the monster you’re painting him he’d be long gone to Honduras or any South American country without extradition.

    2) It’s equally illegal to hire “illegal aliens” but farmers, construction companies, restaurants all use undocumented workers including the current occupant of the White House who hired many Central Americans who were here illegally to work at his golf courses. Why aren’t you upset about that? It is easier to have a lynch mob assembled to gin up hatred against one sole undocumented person. I think it is…

      1. And in New Hampshire a trucker killed 7 people riding as a motor cycle club. He is a citizen. How many children were left behind? Ditto many DUI cases were citizens kill other citizens. Why aren’t you enraged about those killings? Because you want to gin up xenophobia and hatred to make a cheap political points. Why don’t you blame citizens who knowingly hire undocumented workers? Because they are your neighbors?

        1. One guy had no legal right to be in this country. Corey would be alive if he wasn’t. The other guy will be punished for his crime, it outraged many. Will Corey or his two daughters get justice?

  9. if I was his family I would demand the arrest of BOTH city councils as co-conspirators . The blood of this American is on the hands of the mayors Koos and Renner.
    People of Illinois better get used to this. I know it sounds crass,but with the new “laws”,and I use that word loosely, Madigan and his husband Pritzker have open the doors and the murderers/rapists/pedophiles,etc will be flowing in faster than ever.

  10. Love seeing these bad things happening to white people in this state! Every time something happens to them there’s a possibility that things that have been happening to minorities this whole time will get addressed collaterally.

    1. You must have no compassion for the two girls who now have no father. It doesn’t matter what color they are, most people would grieve with them regardless of color. Tell us when an illegal killed a local minority and nobody cared?

    2. Typical liberal approach tea bag. When you are caught dead to rights and have no legitimate response make it a racial issue. You hope then to bully people away by doing this. Not going to work any more.
      Send then all home now. If they claim asylum tell then to go to US consulate in their country. Don’t let them stay one minute in this country. If we would have done that from the start they would have either gone home or be sitting in Mexican detention centers and Mexico’s problem at Mexico’s expense. #Build the Wall

  11. It is time to use their own rhetoric. I have been. From mandating seatbelts, helmets, no cell phone use while driving, Tobacco 21, and others, the refrain has been “If it saves one life”.

    So, if it saves one life they should all go home.

  12. Everybody on here is something else… really don’t know the Facts!!!!!! this is how hate starts in this town…… It’s sad

    1. Not hate, but cold hard truth. The overriding question is if Mr. Cottrell would have been killed on that, corner on that date, by this individual if this man had 1) never entered the country or 2) complied with a legal deportation order? Answer that, and only that, and you can have a discussion.

      I posit that if the law had been complied with children and spouse would not have been permanentlyseparated from a father and husband that day.

      If you don’t get that, you are part of the problem.

  13. What I am sick of is those individuals who make one stupid comment after another to support why America should open our borders and welcome all who are here ILLEGALLY. We have a dead father of 2 who would be alive today if our laws were followed .You people give me a number how many of us have to be killed by illegals before illegals are stopped? And as far as that stupid comment about the truck killing the motorcyclist I won’t even take the time to question your intelligence. We have laws for a reason until they are changed it’s expected that they be followed. 5 years and Rodriguez still can’t speak English you honestly believe that the illegals want to be American. May you ignorant pitiful excuse for an American never have to suffer the grief that the Corey Cottrell family had to endure.

    1. Agreed on the 5 years here and still doesn’t speak English, I try to learn enough a language to at least get by if I VISIT it, especially if I visit it often. There is NO excuse to not learn except a lack of willingness or severe mental challenges. Anyone who LIVES in any country should learn at least enough to get by fairly well within a year or two. They don’t have to be FLUENT, but at least functional. If he truly speaks NO English (which I actually kind of doubt to be honest) then he has not even tried.

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