Sonny Garcia: Lies will not go unchallenged

By:  Diane Benjamin

Sonny Garcia, Illinois People Action and Democratic Socialist, posted this on Facebook:


Sonny Garcia is teaching people to get shot with this comment.  Those who do not comply with orders by police are the ones risking getting shot.  Every officer deserves to go home to their family.  Yes, there are a few bad officers, the vast majority became officers to help people.  They didn’t become officers to hunt minorities!

Follow commands and nobody is going to hurt!  It’s not that difficult Sonny unless you have an agenda.

Sonny Garcia is creating an atmosphere where shootings will occur.  

Bloomington created a citizens review board to hear complaints about the police.  In a year they got ONE case.  The board determined the police did nothing wrong.  Where’s your proof Sonny?  While many of us were celebrating Independence Day, Sonny Garcia was posting hate for police.

Sonny wants socialist Bernie Sanders to be the next president.  That should tell you all you need to know.





23 thoughts on “Sonny Garcia: Lies will not go unchallenged

  1. People who go to churches who support the Illinois People’s Action need to take action. They are largely funded by mainline denominational churches whose rank and file members do not support this kind of stuff. I challenge everyone to take a serious look at their church budget to make sure your church is not supporting this organization. If they do, speak up. I’m really upset about this and I’m about ready to go public with the names of churches in town who do. This has nothing to do with Christianity. It’s a left wing organization preying on churches for a political agenda.

    1. Please, PLEASE, list them and shame them. I would rather stable pigs in their sanctuaries than support so-called “churches” that bankroll Communists.

      1. They used to be listed on IPA website. Just a few from memory: St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Unitarian Universalist, the Methodist Church in Normal and the Jewish synagogue. Yes, there are more.

  2. He better be careful. His socialists buddies will need those local and federal forces to confiscate private property when they inevitably go full communist.

  3. Professional community organizers like Sonny must continually promote division and hate. If these fraudulant faith based organizers actually promoted healing snd forgiveness they would become irrelevant.
    The local churches promoting this marxism, hate and division do need to be exposed to their rank and file members.

  4. What Garcia and Carrillo will not devulge is their ultimate wet dream. That being the takeover of the United States by the Hispanic people’s of North and Central American. The first move is to take back the territory lost in the Mexican-American War referred to as Atzlan which includes most of the western U.S. It is seen by Hispanics as their rightful Aztec homeland stolen by the U.S. Mainly a Chicano movement, it is part and parcel of the concept of Reconquista, or the re-conquering of what they believe is their homeland. One should read up on this concept since it is being promoted by Hispanic countries and in Hispanic dominated schools in the U.S., mainly in California, New Mexico and Texas. Another secret, the Hispanics have no plans for African Americans to be part of their brave new world once achieved.

  5. Sonny- If it is so bad why are you here ? If everything American upsets you, why live here ?
    Sonny- If all you can preach is hate over someone’s Dad, brother, husband’s body who just happened to be a policeman- why are you living here ? If the policeman was black or brown, the same flag would be up , bullets can’t see colors.

    1. It’s information like this which explains why Eastview Christian and other smaller, non Mainline Churches continue to grow like crazy. Decent people DO NOT want their tithes to support Marxism. deviance, and criminality.

      1. Spot on. The IPA makes an absolute mockery of the Gospel and what a church is supposed to be about.

  6. gee sonny, hope stuff like this doesn’t make reasonable people think badly of you…oops, too late

  7. How can they make the statements that they (IPA) do, wneh their covenant for memberships states the following? NOTE: see third line “,,,improve the quality of life for all people.”’

    Covenant Agreement 

Illinois People’s Action seeks to build a powerful, broad based, multi-issue community organization that is capable of addressing social, environmental and economic concerns and make necessary changes to improve the quality of life for all people.  Initiated from within the religious community and continuing to draw on shared spiritual and moral values, the proposed community organization welcomes racial, religious, ethnic and economic diversity in its membership.   The organization will be a vehicle for people to fully participate in decision-making processes on issues that affect their lives, families and communities.

    Such hypocrites. Guess what Sonny and Jenn and all. You folks are still in the minority. Not due to the color of your skin but due to your failed ideology and deceitful ways to achieve your misguided objecttives. Yes even many in the democratic party that you affiliate with is abandoning your extremist attitudes. Most people do not spew the real hate that you two do even though the race baiting lame stream media claim different. You’re merely a pawn of a propaganda game to take down America. As ignorant as you are, if you ever could achieve this objective,,,America would be no better than the socialist countries you claim to be escaping from. Thinking people realize this, which is why you’ll never achieve it. Like a big cat in waiting, we’re biding our time. Until then,,,red wave come next election. The adults in the room are real tired of the spoiled rotten crybabies.

    1. Yes, as a Catholic it is both sad and disappointing but all parishes fortunately do not see it that way. St. Mary’s is a parish populated by a high percentage of Hispanics and a parish run by the friars of St. Francis, so their affiliation is no shocker. Holy Trinity as of late has been led by priests that are of the liberation theology variety must like the current pope who has been heavily influenced by socialist existence in South America. You must remember that the faith is the faith and bad and misguided leaders of every faith rear their ugly heads from time to time. You answer to God and God only. Many people of the cloth think they are doing the right thing while they are doing the exact opposite. Their have always been radicals in our midst and always will be. They are often here for a short time and gone tommorow. God will also judge them accordingly.

      1. So glad my parish is not on this list. Not that I expected it. We are one of the most (if not THE most) traditional/conservative Catholic parishes in town. Also the only one growing (+15% last year
        ). Both St. Mary’s and Trinity are down 10-15%. Draw your own conclusions on that.

  8. Sonny, and people like him ultimately cause more misery for “their” people, but they don’t REALLY care as long as THEY eat well and are in charge of things. It’s sad really. I think some MIGHT start out with good intentions but are soon used as puppets and they can’t even see their own strings, or become very fond of the strings. Trust me, they are often targeted right away as good little soldiers and carefully nurtured.

  9. Local faith based leader Sonny Garcia called for someone to commit assault and battery by throwing a milkshake on Rush Limbaugh in another post.
    Holy Trinity church and Wesleyan Methodist church your faith based leader needs to learn about ” Love your enemies and turn the other cheek.”

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