Corey Cottrell Memorial ride

The family and friends of Corey Cottrell held a celebration of life before the biker’s started lining up around 3:00.  They planned to ride down Wood and north on Main to MacArthur where the accident happened.

The family has good news this morning.

I’m sure the family appreciated all those who showed up this afternoon.


3 thoughts on “Corey Cottrell Memorial ride

  1. GOD BLESS them all! As an aside, can these folks use the bike lanes, as they ARE on BIKES and I’m sure they’d be better citizens then the bicyclists who run all the stop signs in the country! It would be better then them weaving in and out of traffic, which VERY FEW ever do. but I FEEL THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO BIKE LANES ALSO!
    Just a thought. Anyone else have a suggestion, comment, ideal on this point??


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