EDC has a new director

By:  Diane Benjamin

How many former Decatur people are going to recruited?  Tim Gleason, Billy Tyus, and now the new director of the Economic Development Council:


Patrick Hoban gets the job.  At least he didn’t come directly from Decatur:

Hoban has served as the economic development manager for the Village of Tinley Park since February 2017. Prior to his time there, he was Vice President of Business Development for the Economic Development Corporation of Decatur and Macon County and later served as the economic development office for the City of Decatur. Hoban is a Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) and is also a certified Economic Development Finance Professional (EDFP). He has more than 12 years’ experience in various economic development positions.

Decatur’s downtown is packed with cars during the day because of people who work there.  At night it mostly shuts down.

We don’t want to be like Decatur.

Maybe Gleason, Tyus, and Hoban can hold a reunion.  Please don’t recruit their Police Chief too.

15 thoughts on “EDC has a new director

  1. This is a train wreck! DECAYtur is a disaster. Declining population, highly-concentrated economy with a couple of big employers, high taxes, government-controlled economic development…wait a minute, Patrick will fit right in here in Bloomington-Normal. The EDC continues to demonstrate that they’re an absolute joke. I’m told there were far better candidates with a range of venture capital, startup, and real-world private sector business experiences that could potentially take the community and local economy in a new and refreshing direction. But alas, the EDC “unanimously” choose a professional bureaucrat, one who will most likely carry the water for the establishment. I’m sure he is the “right fit” with the so-called leadership of Bloomington-Normal.

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  2. A great combination. We have Tari, Koos and Jenn bringing garbage from Chicago to live here and we have people from a city that has been trash for thirty years to run it. The perfect liberal/socialist storm. No doubt Tari and Koos sees this as the “right fit”.

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  3. Just when you think the establishment here could not get any worse… they hire another Decatur retread? Really? I guess the Detroit and Flint Michigan folks must of wanted too much money? This shows one thing about the EDC and the establishment here: They are really only concerned with doing the same lame shortsighted 20th Century oriented economic development that has resulted in nothing beneficial to the area and keeping their high paid do nothing jobs. They are a joke, what they do is a joke and no one seems to care that what they are not doing is seriously jeopardizing the economic future of this area.

    Take a look at their lame website: https://www.bnbiz.org/news/patrick-hoban-chosen-as-new-president-ceo/?fbclid=IwAR1BvZEAQ0Ql9j9PJlJ6SNPRUcJ2z5TyDe1RjzCDoZgV8s1muEZp42A8xq4

    Yes, it is a joke – No one (with a brain) from the outside world who would look at this website would even begin to consider Blono for a relocation or locating their new business. Seriously this is not a professional presentation and the content is LAME and worthless. But this is supposed to attract 21st Century businesses to our area?


  4. Maybe we can get Jessie Jackson to pop in, also. Remember the absolutely chaos he caused in Decatur a couple decades ago? He would fit right in with “professional disruptors” like Crazy Jenn and sociopaths like King Koos and Tari.


  5. The deck is getting stacked with liberal, democrat,socialist, economic failures who COULD NOT run DECAYtur, so WHY do we have, need, want them? Are our politico people in this town TOTALLY BRAIN DEAD??
    WHAT ABOUT LOCAL TALENT?? Of which is is a LOT. We DO have 2 colleges, and even though some MAY be corrupted by mr tari, I’m SURE there are some good candidates out there..

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    1. Most students run away from this state (at least those who would be good for this type of job) as they realize the mess that exists. Who would want to stay and try to polish the turd that these liberal socialists have created? Plus they realize that there are too many other places that would not steal their income thru taxes to the level done here.

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  6. The Titanic sinks down farther! The whole agenda of Renner/Carrillo and their Conrad’s is destruction and failure because they HATE Capitalism and success! What we know to be common sense and achievement is their true enemy! Any city DEMONcrats control for very long turns into third world sh*tholes and they do it not by accident but by design!!!

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  7. According to a Chicago Tribune article, Hoban has been in Tinley Park for about two and half years. Not a lot of time to make your mark anywhere. Can’t find a lot on area industries in actual Tinley Park either. Of the information found, look rather small but could be wrong. Website likes to promote the fact about lifestyle in area and promoted being in Greater Chicago region.


      1. Thanks. An all-star cast indeed. Also some of the usual tired last names of community hangers-on. Of course, the local politicians. Would love to know who some of the other finalists we’re.


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