Two things people have mentioned

By:  Diane Benjamin


Jose Rodriguez was bailed out of jail again after his bond was reduced.  He was taken into custody by ICE agents.  I am trying to determine what happens next and if he will face prosecution here.  To be continued . . .

Several people have noticed Tari isn’t living in his house, or he wasn’t.  He was on hot-mic a few meetings ago talking about what happened.

While Tari was in Hawaii a toilet on the second floor of his home burst.  His live-in girlfriend was in New York.  There was so much destruction they had to move out.

Anybody want to FOIA May-July water bills?


14 thoughts on “Two things people have mentioned

  1. Tari the taxin’ king’s toilet springs a leak. That just puts a big ole’ smile on my face. Major destruction,,,even better.

  2. Could not have happened to a better person. Maybe he will try doing a Prickster to beat the real estate taxes.

  3. I wonder if the people at Eastland Suites know that Tari thinks that staying at their hotel is as bad as being homeless. What a jerk.

    1. Thank you for reminding me…..I had forgotten that example of THE JERK shooting his mouth off. There are some people that are SO evil, SO awful, and SO nasty that you just kinda enjoy bad things happening to them. No one more so than Tari!

      1. Maggie, I feel the same way about Tari. But then I see a tweet from Trump and if asked to decide who is a bigger jerk—they both would get a vote.

  4. Karma’s a b@@ch aint it? By the by: there is a huge amount of irony in this situation!
    Here’s my question: who will be paying for the repairs/remodel of the house? Why the taxpayers of course. Tari’s salary is taxpayer funded so you will pay for it.
    Best to watch the bills of the city in coming months. Tari may try to sneak the repairs into the city budget.

  5. In schools used to say flush twice it is a long way to the cafeteria. In Tari’s house with the BS he spouts it is a little different. It is flush twice it is a long way to the Pantagraoh.

  6. Next up the mayor of Normal has quack grass, pass it on. Nothing like gossip, innuendo and the juvenile neener-neener from those who have too much time on their hands.

  7. Why am I not surprised that Tari doesn’t have the common sense to turn off the water to the whole house when it’s going to be empty for awhile.

  8. Tari is a POLITICAL SCIENCE professor ! This is a job that REQUIRES one to NOT possess common sense..
    How MANY of you had a POLI SCI professor in school that had the admiration of students?
    And YES, it’s ONLY GOOD COMMON SENSE to turn off the water when going on an extended trip, but obviously Tari is above that.

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