Taxin’ Tari

By:  Dine Benjamin

Start with this chart that recaps actual and projected tax receipts in the current budget:

PDF page 120

taxes Tari

The Local Motor Fuel Tax didn’t exist before Tari.  Since doubling the tax, the City expects to collect $4,630,000 this year.

The Amusement Tax didn’t exist before Tari.  The City expects to collect $1,000,000 this year.  Note:  2019 receipts were under budget.

Video Gaming didn’t exist before Tari.  The City expects to collect $800,000 this year.

Home Rule Sales Tax was increased 1% in 2015.  Before the increase, the City was collecting around $16 million.  The City expects to collect $20 million this year.  See the chart in this story:

Immediately after the increase the City collected $24.2 million, it has been decreasing ever since.

In just this one year, the City of Bloomington is taking an additional $10,430,000 (4,630,000 + 1,000,000 + 800,000 + $4,000,000) away from local citizens.  You have less money to spend because of taxes.

Your garbage fee has increased and will increase every year without a Council vote

Your sewer and storm water rates have increased.

Your water bill has increased.

Your utilities tax has increased – get rid of your home phone and it will drop.

Below is the total budget by year:

Just using General Fund spending isn’t a valid comparison since spending that used to be paid from the GF has been segregated into enterprise and special funds.

2020 budget  227,542,262

+ 17,424,407

2019 budget  210,117,855

– 4,008,855

2018 budget  214,126,710

+ 6,506,157

2017 budget 207,620,553

+ 35,146,009

2016 budget 172,474,544

The budget increases since 2016 total $55,067,718.  

The City carries over parts of the budget to the following year, so it distorts these numbers a little.  It doesn’t come close to $55 million.

What has Bloomington got to show for it?

Notice spending increased way beyond the inflation rate?





12 thoughts on “Taxin’ Tari

  1. What has Bloomington got to show for it? A racist Mayor. A Communist Mayor. A lying Mayor. A stealing Mayor. If you voted for him, you should be very ashamed.

  2. Bad roads, closed businesses, more unnecessary city employees in unnecessary jobs, high taxes, high fees, less money in the pockets of citizen tax payers, etc.

  3. Let’s say that we elected people who made the right decisions for citizens…taxed appropriately…represented the PEOPLE and not their self-interests. Not likely to occur overnight, but let’s just stay it happens….does this website become a site that recognizes all the good these people are doing? I think we need more positive reinforcement (like what Stan Nord has done recently) where local officials make the RIGHT decision. Just to balance things out, ya know?

      1. Sorry, Diane. I wasn’t trying to imply that you weren’t doing this already (in fact, the reason I referenced Stan’s name was because of what you’ve pointed out in previous articles). I just think we need more of that — maybe reverse psychology in a way. We advertise all the good that our local political leaders are doing for the community — I feel like there is a ton of stuff out there that doesn’t get publicized due to the all the negative behaviors/actions of those who shouldn’t be in those leadership positions. The negative attention tends to significantly outweigh the positive things.

  4. Sadly some folks on the City Council should be considered scoundrels for agreeing or closing their eyes to many of the actions taken by the city. Unless Mr. Renner is Mighty Mouse, he can’t engage in all these shenanigans by himself.

  5. I just had two more people I know leave town. One moved to Missouri and the other to Tennessee. And what was their reason for leaving Bloomington/Normal? You guessed it – High taxes – especially the property taxes. People who have the ability to leave are leaving. Good job Mayor Little Man and Fuhrer Koos!

  6. It’s actually pretty rare that Renner and crew deserve any praise. And if they do,,,be very careful cause it goes to his head as encouragemnt for more sneaky stuff to follow. Yeah it’s kinda like encouraging the devil. Deceive to achieve ya know, it’s Renners m.o.

  7. Drive down Sunset Road and see HOW MANY houses are for sale. THAT should tell the MAYOR something..

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