The Normal cover-up

By:  Diane Benjamin

One more thing happened at Monday’s Normal Town Council meeting that you need to see.

First, some background.  Both Bloomington and Normal have decided in recent years to write minutes that don’t reflect exactly what happens at meetings.  If citizens want to research something that happened a year ago and don’t know the exact date, this practice makes it more difficult find.  Chris Koos claimed Monday every meeting is on video and if somebody wants to know more they can watch it.  Of course you have to know what video to watch!  Meetings aren’t 5-10 minutes anymore.

Luckily there is a Search function on

that makes locating information pretty easy. 

There is a lot of history here.

Karyn Smith took issue with the minutes from the previous meeting where her comments about the Uptown TIF presentation were not included.   See the minutes here:

They don’t reflect she even spoke to the presenter:

tif present

Contrast that with how the minutes reflect another item that was on the agenda:


So, some agenda items reflect discussions, ones the Town wants buried don’t.  Karyn did not agree with basic premises presented about the TIF!

The first problem is Koos requires a motion to approve before the person who pulled an item from the Omnibus Agenda can say why they pulled it.  How about a motion to NOT approve?

Karyn did not even get to say why she wanted the minutes amended before Koos cut her off.  The mayor either didn’t want to hear from her or had no idea how the amendment process works.  Brian Day, city lawyer, had to explain it.  Eventually a vote was taken on her proposed amendment.  Only Stan and Karyn voted yes – all the other Trustees and mayor voted against her.  That shouldn’t be a surprise.  Transparency is discouraged in Normal whenever possible.

The financial statements have been posted on the Comptroller’s website, the 5 TIF reports haven’t.  Gee, I wonder why that is?

If you have never looked at the data, you should.  This website exists for citizens.  It’s much easier to see what’s really going on instead of seeing what government wants to reveal: Town of Normal

This discussion starts at 21:44

2 thoughts on “The Normal cover-up

  1. C’mon, Diane! No one is ever allowed to question Our Dear Leader and his agenda. Koos and the Town government seem to be doing everything they can to ensure big losses next election cycle. Keep it up, Chrissy and Pam. The big government rubber stamp members of the Council are losing votes (and respect) by the second. If McCarthy is running, I wonder when he’ll start distancing himself from Koos. Meanwhile, Lorenz doesn’t care as I’m sure she’s daydreaming about her new office at the future sports complex. Ha!

  2. Koos doctoring the minutes of meetings? Shock? Surprise? Not a bit! Just remember, Koos is the Emperor with No Clothes. One day,(hopefully) the day after he is defeated, he will see and will look around with wide eyes and say”what happened?”

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