Normal – Tuesday night

By: Diane Benjamin

The Council meeting will be Tuesday since Monday is Martin Luther King Day.



A few choice payments:

Normal needs a new company doing video.  The recent problems should be strike THREE.

The Mayor still has pay to attend conferences.  He needs to explain how the membership benefits taxpayers.  If he uses words like “best practices” ignore him.

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What has the Small Business Center accomplished?  Anyone  Anyone?

Of course the excessive rent continues.

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It used to be illegal for government employees to profit from their position.  When Koos buddies need health insurance and a pension, it’s okay to call them town employees and to buy services from them without bidding.

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What’s on the agenda?


streets 2020

And this one:

climate action

IPA weather

Anybody believe conservatives would be allowed to make a presentation?






10 thoughts on “Normal – Tuesday night

  1. Small Business Center, EDC, Uptown Circle Development…look how much the Town of Normal spends trying to identify and foster “right fit” businesses in the Town. It doesn’t seem to be working. Any new startups with traction in Normal? No, restaurants and knickknack shops don’t count.

    1. Small Business Center, EDC, Uptown Circle Development and the Chamber of Commerce are unbelievably (and laughably) clueless about the realities of building a 21st Century economy to replace our (currently being disrupted) economic drivers. You have to either be incredibly stupid or be part of the elitist overpaid ruling class or a (I-want-to-join-the-club) clown to believe anything that any of these joke organizations do will EVER do anything to stimulate real economic growth in this area.

      As BN Deserves Better points out, they have yet to understand that economic growth is driven by money that is BROUGHT into an area.

      They seem to operate under the assumption that businesses that recirculate the money that is already here with new restaurants and knickknack shops is economic development.

      The question here is this: Are they stupid and clueless or are they deliberately holding the area’s economic development back?

  2. When it benefits the elites… yes… it really doesn’t matter them. “Those jobs are never coming back” said Globalist Obama sitting on a stack of 100 dollar bills.

    Three years later American jobs are coming back – because we have a president who ACTUALLY cares about the average American family.

  3. For an insane moment, let’s just agree with the climate alarmists and agree with them that worldwide climate change is real and totally the fault of human beings as they claim. Please give me one reasonable solution of how you are going to fix it all without negatively affecting anyone’s job, freedom, or future? C’mon, I want to enlightened on this without one crazy or list of crazy solutions.

  4. Do we know if Rivan made their employment and investment goals for 2019 to get the tax breaks ? No word in the media . Thanks

  5. The climate change presentation will include input from Illinois People’s Action, the local branch run by Sonny Garcia and Jenn Carrillo. This should be interesting.

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