DMV isn’t allowed to ask about citizenship!

By:  Diane Benjamin

We know the Secretary of States office registered non-citizens to vote because of a “glitch” at the DMV:

That is not the entire story.  The DMV is not allowed to ask anyone applying for a drivers license if they are a citizen!  That means it is up to your local clerk at the Department of Motor Vehicles to decide what driver’s licenses to issue – citizens get a regular one, a  purple one specifies non-citizen.

It gets worse.  If the clerk decides the applicant doesn’t qualify as a citizen, they have to justify that decision to the Secretary of State’s office.

Below is an internal memo (not an email) sent by a “trainer” from the Secretary of State’s office.  I redacted who it was sent to, who was copied, the webmail routing information, and the date to protect my sources.



Since this 2018 memo states DMV employees can not ask about citizenship, this policy has been in effect for more than two years.

What do you think the chances are of DMV employees documenting for the Fraud Division why they rejected an applicant?  Ever see the lines at the DMV?  Since Illinois passed laws protecting non-citizens, do you think the Secretary of State’s office looks kindly on clerks who ask too many questions?

My sources suggest anyone wanting to investigate talk to “trainers”.  They will find out the Secretary of State’s office as related to the DMV is dysfunctional at best.  Of course, it will have to be Feds, no one in the State investigates.

If a non-citizen is issued a driver’s licence, what can they do with it?  Register to vote.  I suggest you contact your County Jury Commission on Monday and see how many summons are returned marked “Can’t serve, not a citizen”.

Jurors are now picked from voter rolls and from driver’s license lists.  How are non-citizens getting on either list?

Stay tuned!











13 thoughts on “DMV isn’t allowed to ask about citizenship!

  1. Illegal alien voting–statistically known to be overwhelmingly Democrat–is literally STEALING our country right out from under us.

    Think about it: Illegals, doing another illegal activity, are poised to replace you at the ballot box and eventually TAKE EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE.

    That is the choice in 2020, before time runs out.

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  2. I was at a PTO mtg at a unit five school last week and learned some interesting information you may want to pursue.

    A consultant was hired to review the transportation issue. There conclusion was the unit could save upwards of 10 mil if they created an internal solution (the thing they went away from when they changed school times and messed up the bus system a few years ago; something Daniels Was man the responsible for).

    The district shared it would take up to 2 yrs to create this solution so…… they’re probably going to rehire first student for another year. There is no plan to develop an internal solution in parallel.

    This sounds like a great chance to think about things that bug me: why do we have two districts? Could local buses be used for hs students? Why does this district so quickly accept failure?

    I’d challenge you to verify this, I’m sure what I heard wasn’t their official opinion. I wasn’t going to share this but I like you’re work and think you’ll do a better job than the local news outlets.


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  3. Interesting that the “Technical Trainer” is from up North. Should not such situations be addressed by the SOS Director of Drivers Services, or by the SOS Inspector General’s Office ? Bear in mind that the SOS is the other executive branch of our state government, and was once known as the last bastion of patronage. Illinois does not have a Department of Motor Vehicles, the governor is not involved. Sadly the SOS is no more incompetent than any other government entity, and probably no more corrupt. The “smoked filled rooms” of yesterday have been replaced by “pay to play” and the “right fit”. We have a disaster on our hands.

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  4. Well what is certain, you don’t know what you’re talking about since you obviously haven’t been in a DMV in a long time. There’s a reason that citizenship isn’t a question they ask because of the strict documentation required to attain a Driver’s License. These include: Adoption Records• BIRTH CERTIFICATE*• Citizenship Certificate (N560/N561)*• Court Order (Change of birth date)• Certified Grade/High School/College/University Transcript• Consular Report of Birth Abroad.Other requirements: Group C documents must contain the applicant’s name and full Social Security number. There are other documents required and if you don’t have them you’re not getting a driver’s license, you told to come back another day with the proper documents.

    A clerk isn’t going to register someone to vote unless they have the documentation right in front of them that they are a citizen.


    1. Blatant, ball-faced, Leftwing LIE! A birth certificate IS NOT required for a “regular” Illinois Driver’s License.

      “Certified Grade/High School/College/University Transcript•” Come on–if you are going to lie for a political agenda, please don’t say things this outrageously stupid!

      The fact is, ILLEGALS VOTE. Nationally, millions of them!


  5. Ummmmm, he cut and paste right from the SOS information, as you can see:
    Adoption Records
    • Birth Certificate*
    • Citizenship Certificate (N560/N561)*
    • Court Order (Change of birth date)
    • Certified Grade/High School/College/University Transcript
    • Consular Report of Birth Abroad*
    • Illinois Driver’s License
    • Illinois ID Card
    • Naturalization Certificate (N550/N570)*
    • REAL ID Driver’s License/ID Card
    • Social Security Award Letter (primary beneficiary only)
    • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Forms — I-551
    (Permanent Resident Card); I-571 (Refugee Travel Document); I-
    766 (Employment Authorization Card); I-797A (Notice of Action
    Status Change); I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record) with Valid Passport*
    • U.S. Military Driver’s License/ID Card
    • U.S. Military Service Record (e.g., DD214)
    • U.S. Passport or Passport Card (valid with complete date of birth)*
    • U.S. Visa
    Group B documents must contain the applicant’s full name and complete
    date of birth and must be verifiable. To be verifiable, it must be possible
    to contact the regulatory authority to confirm the authenticity of the document.
    Documents marked with an [*] are also accepted to prove legal
    Birth Certificates must be original or certified by a Board of Health or
    Bureau of Vital Statistics within the U.S. or by the U.S. State Department,
    U.S. territories or Canada. A certified copy is a document produced by
    the issuing jurisdiction which has an embossed seal or an original
    stamped impression. Foreign passports and foreign birth certificates are
    accepted as proof if accompanied by any other item in Group B.


  6. This is to obtain a driver’s license, which is I believe the point of this post. Maggie likes to throw around a lot of labels and call people liars, just chiming in that the original poster was correct about DL requirements.


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