SOS “glitch” registered illegals to vote in Illinois

By:  Diane Benjamin

Evidently this is breaking news since I haven’t seen anyone else report it!

The Secretary of State sent a letter to the State Board of Elections on December 18, 2019 stating 574 non-citizens had been registered to vote by the DMV when getting a driver’s license.   Illinois allows illegals to get a driver’s license.   See the letter here:  ISBE Letter 12-18-19

Motor – Voter

The DMV forwards registrations to the applicable election authority who then mails a voter registration card.

On December 30th the State Board of Elections contacted affected County election authorities, including McLean County.  See that email here:  SBE

That letter includes this statement:

Since these applicants have indicated “No” to an attestation regarding citizenship, there is a strong possibility these individuals were not citizens at the time of their application, however, that does not necessarily mean they are not currently citizens. If you conclude that these individuals should not be registered to vote and wish to cancel their registration, please consult sections 4-18, 5-25, or 6-59 of the Illinois Election Code to properly afford the individual of their legal right to demonstrate cause why he or she should not have their registration cancelled.

That means each election authority has to jump through legal hoops to remove a person registered in error.  McLean County only has one affected person.

See what other Counties/Cities are affected here:  SOS notice

It shouldn’t be a surprise the Counties with the most surround Chicago.

The only remaining question is:  Does anybody believe it’s only 574?






11 thoughts on “SOS “glitch” registered illegals to vote in Illinois

  1. Motor Voter was a bad idea put into an even worse work environment. It was obvious that it would be, in the long run, more work for county clerks. Are there people who are not qualified, registered to vote here in good old McLean County ? Yes, more than a few since that program began years ago.

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    1. All George Ryan did was inherit the administration of Jim “Mr. Clean” Edgar in the SOS Office. Same thing with the governor’s office. Any employee with integrity was subject to constant harassment and either resigned or was fired. Take my word for it.

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  2. Thank you Diane for exposing us ! This is why Illinois Conservative Union is working with Judicial Watch to force Illinois to clean up our voter rolls! Our wonderful attorney, David Shestokas, and our election integrity team sent the state a 90 day statutory notice of compliance the day before Thanksgiving. The state has until the end of February to comply or get sued. Since motor voter was passed in 1993, very little maintenance has been done on the nations voter rolls. Judicial Watch has taken the lead in suing states to force them to clean the rolls. To join our election integrity team, visit our website:

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  3. There is a bigger problems of Russia hacking Illinois voter registration rolls which they successfully accomplished in 2016. Russia is still at this hacking in 2020 and was able to hack voting machines in several states including Illinois. Judicial Watch is involved in voter suppression:

    “While responsible voter list maintenance is both appropriate and necessary to the integrity of our elections, removing voters from the rolls without adequate protections can threaten citizens’ fundamental right to vote. When voter purges are rushed, based on unreliable data, or done without necessary precautions or ample notice to the public, it is the voters who bear the greatest burden – potentially showing up to the polls only to discover they have been kicked off the rolls and are unable to cast a ballot.”


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