Update: How many non-citizens got driver’s licenses?

See below, I received additional information at 3:30pm

By:  Diane Benjamin

Received by FOIA:

non-citizen licenses

How many of these 298,025 people were not fluent in English?  Remember, the DMV is not allowed to ask about citizenship.    https://blnnews.com/2020/01/19/dmv-isnt-allowed-to-ask-about-citizenship/

Automatic Voter Registration means everybody is asked if they want to register to vote.  How many said yes because they didn’t know any better or couldn’t understand the question?

Back to the original story:  https://blnnews.com/2020/01/15/sos-glitch-registered-illegals-to-vote-in-illinois/

We are supposed to believe a glitch only registered 574 non citizens, it wasn’t found until December.  How did all the others avoid the “glitch”?

Additional info:



One reader claimed this isn’t a national story.  It is – note the date.

4 thoughts on “Update: How many non-citizens got driver’s licenses?

  1. Tens of Thousands. Stealing your country, soon to be coming to steal everything you have, 1 vote at a time.
    And they demand that you just sit back and accept it.

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  2. Jenn is probably sitting with Tari and smoking to their “temporary” victory! REPUBLIC?? No. this is just plain criminal on the part of the Democrats, and THEY are the ones who tell US to FEAR the evil Republicans.
    This is NOT fairness on ANY level.. this IS PREJUDICE! What do you have to say Jenn??
    Since you so despise racism and inequality!

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  3. Non-citizens who are here legally cannot legally vote. But, it can be hard to know who is a non-citizen. Those who are legal permanent residents have social security cards and driver’s licenses that look just like the ones citizens have. Based on this second FOIA response, it sounds like the DMV may not be able to tell either.

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