CIRBN: Another government waste?

By:  Diane Benjamin The Central Illinois Regional Broadband Network (CIRBN)  is part a project the State of Illinois applied for with the Federal government.  Illinois State University ended up with part of the grant which led to establishing CIRBN LLC.  Since CIRBN files non-profit tax returns, they should be incorporated as a non-profit on the […]

Fazzini correction and more info

By:  Diane Benjamin I need to correct this story: Rob Fazzini signed a contract for the City of Bloomington dated 3/10/16.  He was not an alderman when he signed it.  He was also not authorized by the City Council to sign anything on behalf of the City of Bloomington.  All other contracts were signed by […]

CIRBN – So who is paying the bills?

by:  Diane Benjamin The Feds got the brilliant idea to fund expansion of broadband service.  Hence CIRBN was born, but don’t plan on using it unless you are part of government, a schools, or other non-profit organization.  The service isn’t offered to individuals. In December the Normal City Council approved an agreement to assist them […]