Pam Reece is aggravated with Stan!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Pam Reece can’t understand why Stan Nord is questioning the actions of past Councils.  If Pam can’t understand why Stan was elected, she had an opportunity handed to her:reece Joplin

Stan has raised questions about a number of issues.  Some of them included Town owned properties being leased for much less than market rate.  One of those is Wild Country.  They are only paying the property taxes, no rent income.  That lease will automatically renew if the Council doesn’t stop it.  Will it make the agenda before then?  Who benefits?  Not taxpayers!

This story isn’t about them, it’s about CIRBN.  

I’ve done lots of stories about this company, here are two recent stories:

CIRBN is a private company, originally started with taxpayer funds, and it continues to exist because of taxpayers.  CIRBN employees are considered Town of Normal employees so they can get benefits.  The get health insurance and pensions just like Town employees.

Pam:  Where does every small business go to sign up for the same plan?

The contract between Normal and CIRBN requires reimbursement of all expenses.  Since the Town is mostly self funded for insurance, Stan wants to know how Normal knows what medical expenses CIRBN employees incur and how Normal knows they are being reimbursed for those expenses.  Reece claims knowing that information would violate HIPPA.  Stan wants to know why the Town created an unenforceable agreement!

Below is one response to Stan I received in by FOIA:


Does Pam not see “POLICY” is what Stan questions?

Was Lyle Sumek elected?  If the Town can’t do their job without a consultant, Joplin looks like a REALLY nice place!

Pam then wrote this email:

reece patience

Did you notice Scott Preston isn’t on that list but Kathleen Lorenz is?

Citizens of Normal:

It is way past time for you to educate the Council.  You may not have until the next election to fix the mess past Council decisions have created.

  • rent subsidies with your tax dollars
  • property tax increases because the Town isn’t funding pensions any other way
  • private companies getting benefits at your expense
  • developer handouts
  • debt that won’t begin being paid for YEARS
  • policies that benefit government friends at taxpayer expense
  • ignoring public comment rules as stated by the Attorney General

Normal will be a great place to live when your government understands elections have consequences.  Pam’s emails proves that concept if over their heads.







22 thoughts on “Pam Reece is aggravated with Stan!

  1. Interesting in that she’s so “small town” that she don’t have the “answers” as they are just “small town business” yet she states that Stan wouldn’t understand the “workings” of a LARGE entity like a business or ISU ,etc. So which is UPTOWN Pam, small town or BIG INTERESTS, or are you just too lazy to hunt up the desired information, or would it show some “bad” numbers on the council & mayors part??
    As for Joplin, GEEZ! Are those numbers fascinating. They don’t even mention it is in VERY CLOSE proximity to Picher, Oklahoma-which is a ghost town due to being a SUPERFUND SITE due to years of lead mining! As well as Joplin having LEAD issues.
    And what is “POSITIVE” noise? Is that like S.E.T.I.?? As I’m sure you have plenty in uptown..
    Do your job Pam, and otherwise, it’s like a rodeo bull-get on or GET OFF!

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  2. My concern is when she alludes you can’t question prior council decisions. This seemingly is only used when it questions a decision they support.

    Guess what? Times change, people’s thoughts and desires change. Someone could have opposed something 10 years ago and now are for it. Or vice versa. Prior governmental questions are constantly questioned as the electorate changes.

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  3. When Pam says “Normal is a great place.” she really means “Normal is a great place for government and its cronies.” It’s clear that Pam and Koos are angry that someone is questioning and holding to account the Town’s poor decision making and taxpayer handouts to friends of government. Once again, they find that facts are not on their side, so they attack and plot to attack Stan’s credibility. This political strategy continues to backfire on them. Stan might actually be getting more popular with the public. More and more people are questioning Koos’ leadership and all these sweetheart deals and taxpayer giveaways.

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  4. Stan is a businessman. He understands ROI. Reviewing previous policy decisions is not only necessary but wise. Businesses are constantly reviewing and restructuring to improve their financial sustainability. Look no further than State Farm.

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    1. Yes there is nothing like being in business to make you understand how to be efficient and spend money wisely. The cabal that runs the Town of Normal is an abomination that appears to think that it can do what it wants and spend whatever it wants. Wrong Reich Minister Reece! You work for us and after the next election you will need to find another town to ruin. Pam Reece needs to resign now and save the next administration the trouble of firing her.


  5. According to Reich Minister Reece, Stan needs to be educated and she is just soooo… frustrated that he just doesn’t understand how everything works. He “struggles” with past council decisions? Really Pam? You are talking about him as if he has a learning disability or a low IQ? Maybe Pam should but together some flash cards for Stan, so he can understand how an administration that appears to be corrupt and gives handouts to “certain” people while spending tax payer money like a drunken sailor is actually A OK?

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  6. If she would answer his questions the first time, he wouldn’t have to keep asking.

    Was there another business in the Wild Country building?


    1. The Town bought their building anticipating Uptown 2.0. They are allowed to keep using the property while paying only the property taxes according to the agreement. The taxpayers own that building, they deserve rental income for their investment.

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      1. It’s a sweetheart deal for the Mayor’s buddy. No big deal. Below are Pam’s flash cards for Stan so he wont have to “struggle” understanding how this works with Wild Country (and others).

        Card #1. A picture of Wild Country
        Card #2. A picture of Vitesse Cycle Shop
        Card #3. A picture of Fuhrer Koos and the owner of Wild Country
        Card #4 A big heart with love written in the center of it
        Card #5 A picture of a friend helping a friend across the street
        Card #6 A picture of one man giving another man money
        Card #7 A picture of a happy Fuhrer Koos and the happy owner of Wild Country.

        Maybe.. just maybe if poor old Stan is repeatedly shown these flash cards he will “finally” understand how things work in the Town of Normal and Pam will be less “frustrated” with him? We can only hope, right?

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  7. There is a flaw in her thinking that infects a lot of people in both communities.

    Everyone acts as though an election ends a particular council, when it does not. The councils are a continuous ongoing affair and have been since their incorporation. Members come and go, but the councils goes on uninterrupted.

    As such, new members to the councils are just as responsible for the actions of their predecessors.

    With that responsibility comes the need to adjust and correct previous decisions in light of new facts or unmet policy objectives.

    This is called oversight.

    Deal with it Pamela.

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  8. Poor Pam! She is so frustrated with Stan! Here’s the worlds smallest violin for you Pam! Pam does not like Stan because Stan is a honest, hardworking TAXPAYER who is sick and tired of the money grabbing city of Normal! Stan is NOT the status quo which makes Pam mad at Stan! Stan is NOT going to sit down,shut up and pay his taxes, poor Pam! Pam does not like Stan because Stan speaks and works and digs out the BS for the taxpayer,unlike Pam who wants all the bodies to stay buried, poor Pam! Pam does not like Stan because Stan is actually doing his job and poor Pam is not! Do I feel sorry for Pam because of Stan? I do NOT! Pam does not like Stan because Pam knows that if Stan keeps digging and sounding off to the public Pam may find herself with a new boss! Pam will be very mad at Stan if Koos loses his job to someone like Mark T! If that happens,Pam will really be mad at Stan! GREAT JOB STAN! KEEP IT UP! They are mad because Stan speaks the truth and Stan digs for the truth. That is what makes PAM mad at STAN ! By the way Diane, all of the above pretty much describes why Koos/Renner dont like “right wing bloggers” either! Keep up the good work!

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  9. I fully support Stan, but understand that benefit costs can only be based on a per person covered. Plans calculate this cost in order to set Cobra rates etc. They aren’t allowed to determine cost for each individual participant as this violates privacy laws. That being said, CIRBN is a fundamentally corrupt entity. We have great internet providers ready and willing to provide internet services to government entities at reasonable prices. We do not need a local government allowing a private business to place their employees on government payroll. This is a policy issue. Plus, how can you discriminate against other local businesses by not allowing them to do the same. Smells rotten and when you live in the swamp like Pam you lose your sense of smell.

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  10. Normal, sure is a great place, per open the books, when you have Pam’s – salary, benefits and pension. Correct me if I am wrong – but the City Manager’s compensation is very high – maybe even 4x the town’s median household income. Sure makes you wonder what went on with the selection and hiring process – but it sure helps to be an insider. But, please correct me if I am incorrect.

    Also, in reading some of the emails – it just comes across as amateur hour – at the Town of Normal. It would seem her experience and results seems thin.

    And yes, the developers and construction companies – have to be making incredible profits with little risk considering there is very little private development and construction south of I-80. And how many new homes are built in Bloomington Normal a year?

    Just my opinion


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      1. While ‘total compensation’ is the truly best metric to compare people’s earnings (or at least what they’re paid), it’s not usually conveniently available for most people. While it may not take into account some of the nice benefits, her base salary is still a more apples-to-apples number – $185K.


  11. I’m concerned about the next election. It’s seems ISU has already begun grooming students to see things in a certain way and likely have there who to vote for elevator speeches. I personally reached out to the ISU republicans to meet for a cup of coffee and got a non-response. I hope ISU students planning to vote understand what the consequences of voting the likes of Koos or McCarthy in for another 4 years. ISU is allowing easy access for one group of candidates and not so much the other group. Merely an observation.

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    1. My question still remains: Why are ISU students voting in local elections? If you are not a permanent resident in a city you should not be allowed to vote in city elections. If ISU students can vote then I’m going to vote in BLONO as well. As long as I put in a temp residence I guess I can vote in any election anywhere in the country. One thing about ISU students : the majority of them do not have the brains to figure out what sex they are let alone check a little box at the polling place.


  12. I can’t believe the CIRBN deal ever passed the Town’s legal review. That it did, shows even the Town Attorney rubber stamps what Koos and Pam wants. You would have thought having town attorney on staff protected taxpayers from things like this.

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    1. Not very many! The only city in the area that is seeing any growth is Champaign/Urbana. Talk to the construction people. They are working in Champaign/Urbana. The national economy is booming (thanks to our great President Trump) but our area is declining. Yes, it’s that time of year again when State Farm will announce another set of “changes” that will have a direct effect on the economy here. How many more high wage jobs will go this time and be replaced by low wage jobs? You can see what people inside the Farm are saying here:

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  13. I get the attorney is supposed to represent the town. CIRBN is a bad deal for the town. The town is unable to figure out how much to even ask to be reimbursed.

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