ISU/Normal: What you are paying for

By:  Diane Benjamin

On September 12, 2001 we were all Americans.  American flags lined neighborhoods.  For one day we were a united country.  It didn’t last.

The citizens of Normal sponsored the Racial Equity Summit held yesterday and today:


Why are some minorities wildly successful and some aren’t?  Maybe they didn’t “stand idly” waiting for opportunity to be handed to them.  Maybe their “differences” didn’t stop them from achieving their goals because they didn’t let roadblocks get in their way.  Maybe everyone, regardless of color, who succeeds doesn’t allow roadblocks to stop them.

Read the agenda:

Taxpayers funded an event meant to insure a racial divide continues.  It reinforces the myth that minorities can not possibly succeed because of history.  Today’s program is a call for the community to “address disparities”.

Equity is earned not given.  There isn’t a session on how it is earned.  One of yesterday’s sessions had this:

The theory of colorblindness and the reality of it being the highest form of racism.

Yes, Martin Luther King is not only deceased, he’s forgotten.

The email below was included in my latest FOIA request.  We all pay for this one:



How much are you paying this person:



26 thoughts on “ISU/Normal: What you are paying for

  1. Diversity and anti-racism training is the new cottage industry that the universities and busineeses are dumping huge sums of money inti, expecting a result in the improvement of racial harmony.This is another form of reparations and scams. Enough said.

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  2. Yes April is one of Jenn Carrillo’s biggest supporters. A huge supporter of illegal immigration, and specializes in indoctrinating future teachers at Illinois State University. She has threatened to sue me before and also stated she reported me to the police for posting her information she sent me via text message. You know the typical silence anyone who disagrees with me kind of gal. She is great at what she does even if she what does is wrong.

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  3. There used to be a rule, never use government property for political purposes. To make use of taxpayer monies to politic is immoral and illegal. Today’s politicians will never experience the joy of practicing politics in a fair, decent, honest, high-minded manner. Should we forgive them, for they know not what they do ?


  4. Ironic how NONE of these “equality” organizations NEVER mention NATIVE AMERICANS! IF I’m not mistaken, it seems they SHOULD have more of a say on what happens in THEIR country then others.


  5. I attended one of the propoganda sessions and a fellow attendee was yelled at when he used the term ‘pulling yourself up by your bootstraps’. It was like he yelled fire in a theatre.

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  6. Please remember this kind of absolute crap when iSU comes to you with their greedy hands out seeking donations.

    This only skims the surface of their radical Marxist agenda.

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  7. These people are so blinded by idealism that they have no conception of right and wrong.
    Can I forgive them ? YES, if they are sorry for their transgressions, make reparations, and promise not to do it again. These people are politically ignorant. They are active members of the “Know Nothing Party”.

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  8. As you always justly criticize the Pantagraph for shoddy journalism I wonder…did you attend so you could accurately report what went on?


      1. And your “journalism” is suspect given agendas are outlines and nothing more

        At least the Pantagraph reports in person.


  9. Not that it ever did, but these “shaming” events don’t work anymore for the people smart enough to know what’s going on. Normal used this event to put Cummings front and center to get her some street cred for the election. These events have the opposite affect for people who are forced to attend by their employer. Just builds more resentment and suspicion that a group is getting or deserves special treatment. Also makes those forced to attend like they are stupid and need a primer on how to interact with people. Most white guys got over this a long time ago. The group I hung with stood up for themselves when these claims were made. When the numbers were close to even, you found out the accusers weren’t so brave or tough anymore .

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    1. Who forced their employees to attend? Is April illegally campaigning for Cummings while being paid by the state…that is definitely an ethics violations.

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    1. I believe the pronoun thing is now “encouraged” (ie: demanded) by their “Diversity Nazis”.

      I still use “Normal People” and “Deviants”, but that probably isn’t politically correct.

      Oh, well……..

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    2. I’ve seen it before, but not often. Not sure if it’s just individual virtue signalling or departmentally-imposed political orthodoxy; neither would surprise me.


      1. Not department encouraged or recommended. Staff make their own decision to provide their preferred pronouns.

        Though it is comical to see so many get upset over something so benign. When did the right become as fragile as the left?


      2. @CHEZ – We’re not upset by pronouns, we’re upset by ISU people being anti-science. How about “100% not Jew and not Black” at the bottom of your emails? Nothing wrong with the actual words, but it implies a Lot to be upset about.


  10. I think it is hilarious that the state of Illinois gives preferred status to Asian males. Their own statistics demonstrate that they out earn white males, but they still count as an MBE (minority business Enterprise).

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  11. Not “benign”, certainly not “comical”. To allow Leftist, degenerate ideology to override biological truth without challenging it is absolutely terrifying in its’ implications.

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  12. This is from memory, so forgive me if some of the details are off… ISU has (had?) a voluntary three-part ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ curriculum for employees: Bias, Microaggressions and Privilege.
    The Bias one is an interesting lesson in introspection and questioning one’s motives and bias. There are some leftist overtones but I actually recommend it.
    Microaggressions is a study in ‘How to take offense at others’ often-inadvertent microaggressions while purposely committing microaggressions yourself.’ In reality-speak rather than leftist-speak as “It’s rude to refer to minorities as stereotypes like ‘asians are good at math’, ‘blacks play basketball’, ‘latinos speak spanish’, ‘gays love interior decorating’, etc but attributing negative stereotypes to whites, males, Christians, the non-poor, etc is acceptable, perhaps even to be encouraged.
    Privilege is your standard ‘keep racism alive’ grievance studies bs. All white/male/non-poor/etc accomplishments are purely attributable to unfair advantage and any non-accomplishments by any member of any other group cannot in any way be due to their own shortcomings. Chock full of those microaggressions from the other session.

    Leftist-speak purposely misleads and often means the exact opposite of what it says: ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ usually means Divisiveness and Tribalism. Not the kinds of things one should want to promote in society, and certainly not things you should want promoted with your tax dollars.


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