Normal: Only 2 voices of common sense

By:  Diane Benjamin

Citizens of Normal can expect more backroom deals and handouts to friends because most of the Normal Trustees didn’t get the message from the last two elections.  Voters can permanently get a representative government in 2021.  Meanwhile Stan Nord and Karyn Smith are by themselves expecting fiscal sanity.

  • The excessive spending trying to get a Tiger Grant for an underpass will continue.
  • The giveaways to developers will continue, Uptown still needs one more building on the Circle whether it makes sense or not.
  • Ask Pam Reece is she plans to buy a property on E. Vernon!  (details coming)
  • It remains to be seen whether Normal will advance a sports complex.  I have a ton of emails between the Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, and Pam Reece trying to come up with a way to fund it.  Example – did you know a “finance committee” has been formed?



Lots of people are trying to push this complex through, it appears so far they have not been able to close the huge funding gap.  The complex may just show up on the Normal Agenda to great fanfare someday.  Unless $20 million can be found, you will get billed.

Remember the properties Normal was paying property taxes on they didn’t owe?  Stan Nord wanted to at least have a conversation at a Council meeting about how to prevent this in the future.  Nord also wants the empty Connect Transit seat filled now – it has been vacant for close to a year.

Recently Stan tried again:

stan discuss

The only response I received by FOIA is from Chris Koos:

Koos response

Obviously Chris Koos has no respect for the results of the last election.  We know the Working Group is a joke.  We know the atmosphere is toxic because the people currently on the Board don’t listen either.  Koos isn’t interested in placing a person who might accidentally represent citizens.

Where are Scott Preston and Kathleen Lorenz?  We expect Chemberly Cummings and Kevin McCarthy to take Koos’s side and ignore the last 2 elections.  Both Lorenz and Preston claim to be Republicans.  That used to mean limited government, not a full service behemoth controlling all aspects of life for it’s citizens.

Kathleen Lorenz supports hiring the propaganda manager – this is part of her email referring Reece to a friend for help:

lorenz comm

The Town’s explanation for what this person will do:


Who listened to the people opposed to destroying the mural?  Who listened to the people not being served by Connect Transit?  Who listened to the people in Blackstone Trails asking for alternate locations for the fire station?

Who has ever listened?

Stan Nord and Karyn Smith will evidently be standing alone for citizens and their wallets.  They need your encouragement and support.

Did you know the local non-farm payroll employees decreased 1.7% in a year?

If spending and debt aren’t controlled by those you elect the future is bleak.  Right now you only have two people who care.


10 thoughts on “Normal: Only 2 voices of common sense

  1. This story perfectly illustrates that those in power have no respect for the average citizen. If any of these people had proper oversight, they would at the very least be called into an office for a stern talking to by a boss. That said, I often saw this behavior from some co-workers as well and they were never called on the carpet because they were social friends with office superiors. For the young people out there expecting a fair shake for employment, this is now your reality. No longer is there a true level playing field. Your competence, work ethic, and intelligence mean little. Chances are when you go into an interview, the candidate for the job you seek has already been chosen by a tightly knit existing circle of compatriots. My advice to every person just starting out is to work for yourself. Interoffice politics is off the rails and is ruining operations because offices are nothing but social clubs where little meaningful work is done. As for Koos, he is the most immature grudge-holding adult I have ever seen. His behavior as mayor merits censure, recall or removal from office. As far as the sports complex, it will be built in some fashion with the taxpayers paying the majority of the bill. Everyone involved in pushing this unwanted and unneeded project forward should put a bag over their heads when out in the community.

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  2. “If you only wish to micro-manage the town, I am much less receptive? Really Fuhrer Koos? I read this as him saying: Not your business to question what I do… sit down and shut up Stan…. be a good boy or I will not listen to anything you say.

    This is not leadership. This is a dictator dictating to his underling. The people of Normal should demand his resignation.

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  3. Koos is incredibly arrogant and self-righteous. He struggles with those that have a difference of opinion, especially since he’s had unchecked power for so long. It’s clear from his attacks on Stan that he doesn’t have any facts on his side. If you can’t dispute someone then just resort to attacking your accuser. Nice example your setting, Mr. Mayor. More “Stans” will be elected next cycle. Keep it up.

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  4. This WHOLE thing is a GREAT reflection on mr koos personality (of which he really has none) rather then being a self-serving ARROGANT sob.. With absolutely NO CLUE!


  5. As I am told, there are only 2 ways to get an item on the agenda for a vote or just for open and transparent discussion. The Mayor can unilaterally add it or it needs support of 4 council persons. There is not yet enough support to discuss many of the items Ms.Smith or I request to discuss.

    Property management is an issue which I believe no one should have problem discussing. A property management policy will address several items to immediately help taxpayers and the town by bringing additional non-tax revenue to the town.

    – Market rate rent agreements – Every property the town has purchased and rents in Uptown are rented far below market rate. Several were purchased for $800k each. Some rent rates are $1/ year, $160/mo, and $0 per year to name a few. These deals are economic incentives and hardly are in the best interest of the taxpayers.
    – Sale of town assets – Most properties the town owns are not paying property tax. If the town does not need the property, selling it gains immediate revenue to the town and puts the property back on the tax rolls to help fund our schools, library and other taxing bodies. It also add one more property to divide the tax levy among, helping all property owners.

    Here is the link to the policy sample to start the discussion.

    Click to access cpd_700-10.pdf

    Why the Mayor or 4 council members are not willing to discuss this is beyond me. It is hardly being fiscally responsible to use taxpayer money to purchase assets then resist improving ROI. Keeping the property off the tax rolls for longer than necessary is hurtful to our schools.

    In order for taxpayers to have some wins, the mayor or 2 more council members must be willing to at least have discussions. I believe this can happen if the public becomes engaged and contacts their elected representatives. Politely ask them why they are unwilling to have these public discussions. If you agree with them, fine. If not, politely ask them to represent you and have these discussions.

    Illinois’ financial mess is because of the decisions of current and past politicians. Taxpayers don’t need someone to blame, they just need to start receiving some tax relief. Relief will not come until our elected representative start having these discussions. No discussion = No relief.

    Stan Nord
    Normal Town Council Person

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    1. Koos does NOT want the taxpayers to get a win,Stan. Koos wants one thing: POWER! Make it two things : POWER AND TAXPAYER MONIES! He has made it quite clear to everyone: sit down,shut up and open your wallets. THAT is all Koos has ever wanted. When you came to the council , you came with the notion that the People are the bosses of the Council. That is not how it plays in Normal. Koos has had the run of the city for so long with nothing but a group of bobbleheads as council members. The bobbleheads have rubber stamped everything Koos has come up with. Then there is Pam Reece. Pam may be just a inlaw of the Queen Sonia Reece but she has learned Sonia’s ways. Sonia ran Normal during her time and she has taught her daughter in law that its either her way or no way. As for the disconnect board, King Koos has not found someone “WORTHY” his words to be on it. In other words: Koos needs campaign funds. As soon as someone pony’s up enough money the will become the “chosen one” for Disconnect. The only way Normal will change is to get more people like you to be on the council. That and someone who will work for the citizens not the other way round to become Mayor.

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    2. Thank you for your comment and having the guts to post it here. All of us who read and comment here really appreciate you and what you are trying to do. I am sure that you will suffer the wrath of Fuhrer Koos for commenting on this subject and telling us the truth. You are adding a new level of difficultly to the new propaganda minister’s job. Keep it up… the regular common sense taxpayers are with you 100%!

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  6. “I believe this can happen if the public becomes engaged and
    contacts their elected representatives.
    Politely ask them why they are unwilling to have these public discussions. If you agree with them, fine. If not, politely ask them to represent you and have these discussions.” Thank you for this suggestion. I strongly encourage residents of Normal to please do this. Thank you to Stan and Karyn for doing the heavy lifting. We can at least try to help in this way.

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