Normal: Only “Right Fit” allowed

By:  Diane Benjamin

More from the Workbook the Council used for their 2-day meeting.  This meeting is posted on the website every year as required by the Open Meetings Act, but if citizens didn’t look for it they would never know it was open to the public.  It is also always held during the week when most people are working,

There is an entire section labeled:

Normal Vision 2034

See those pages here:  Normal Vision 2034

The Vision is divided into 8 principle categories.

Some people have commented on this site about the cozy relationship between ISU and the Town of Normal.  Considering ISU is listed second, even higher than Uptown, it looks like they are right.


uptown goals

Taxpayers of Normal are paying for #1 whether they ever go to Uptown or not.  Problems with the other three highlighted are obvious.

strong local econ

I am aware of at least 2 businesses that wanted to locate in Normal.  One is currently building in Heyworth because regulations in Normal were too difficult to navigate.  I believe the other one abandoned plans to build.  I heard of another small restaurant interested in Uptown but was told they weren’t the “right fit”.

cirbn town of normal

This one might as well be from communist China.  Normal wants “the entire community” served by their preferred provider:  CIRBN.  Think they don’t or won’t access your data?

Keep in mind CIRBN is a private company but their 3 employees are considered Normal employees so they have access to Town benefits.

Free market capitalism doesn’t exist in Normal.  Other private internet providers aren’t allowed in the marketplace, according to the “vision”.

Why is the “vision” for Normal to stop competition?

See all of the principles at the link above.  Taxpayers of Normal:  Is this the vision you elected and are willing to pay for?


4 thoughts on “Normal: Only “Right Fit” allowed

  1. It’s too bad this workbook is basically TRASH, as “uptown” has no convenient parking, they tear down ANY “charming” buildings and as for “entrepreneurial spirit”, anyone who has any, will avoid “uptown”
    This almost reads like a Nora D playbook, with NO backing or substance, just “happy babble”


  2. “…unique, memorable experiences”! “…having fun”! “…live entertainment venues”!

    Yo, paying high taxes might be a memorable experience, but it ain’t fun or entertaining.

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  3. This is laughable! Few, if any, of the aspirational bullet points will ever work in Uptown, especially under the heavy hand and influence of the Town of Normal government. Parking will get worse, the incubator and startup space will fail (just like last time), CIRBN can’t compete on price and would only succeed if forced by the hand of government, diverse retail shops won’t happen if the government vets which business can operate in Uptown (based on their track record, their choices have been awful), and finally there is no entrepreneurial spirit, literally none, in Normal, as the community is full of people content to work 9 to 5 or more likely 9:30 to 4:00 with an extended coffee break, two hour lunch and a nonsensical Chamber event. When’s the last original entrepreneurial idea to come out of Normal, IL? Whoever or whatever it is, it’s unlikely to have remained in closed-minded Normal for long.

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