Update: Connect Transit’s other vehicles

I have been told the Chevrolet Braun should have been a 2018 Dodge Caravan.  The cost wasn’t included, just this:

dodge cravan

By:  Diane Benjamin

Besides the 39 fixed route buses and 18 Mobility buses, Connect Transit owns other vehicles.  I received this information by FOIA.

Fleet info:  https://www.connect-transit.com/about/our_fleet.asp

The 4 vehicles they bought this year replaced 2 the July documentation claims are past their useful life – 5 years old.  The other two replaced leased ELECTRIC vehicles because the lease expired.

Since they are buying electric buses and solar panels, why didn’t they buy electric cars?  Was there a problem with the two they leased?

PDF page 93


4 –  2019 Ford Taurus – 8/28/19  $23,980 each          $95,920    Greenfield

These were purchased through the State of Illinois Vehicle contract.  They expected to pay $99,920.  In October they wrote these checks:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YuC2aXtKG7e4yMXB4TMhE0LIo1pFBund/view


Other vehicles:

1  Chevrolet Braun van  (I asked for more info, I will add it if I get it)

1 – 2017 Ford Taurus    1/11/17                                            $20,139   Greenville

2 – 2016 Ford Taurus  10/13/2016  $18,185 each        $36.370  Springfield

1 – 2014 Ford F250  9/19/2013                                        $30,986  Missouri

1 – 2005 Ford Ranger  5/11/05                                        $13,340   Decatur

1 – 2013 Chevy Malibu  4/4/2013                                   $24 989   Decatur

                                 Total                   $221,744

(without the Braun)

I also asked for a list of employees authorized to drive these vehicles, this was the response:

employ quest

Employee List

This is not every employee, I don’t know how many they employ.


10 thoughts on “Update: Connect Transit’s other vehicles

  1. I see one name on the list that was employed full-time by the City in Public Works and retired about four years ago. Hope the person is not working over 1,000 hours a year and entitled to more IMRF retirement benefits.


  2. If you are in with the in crowd, double dipping is an ordinary part of your life.
    I saw it frequently at all levels, often on a contract basis.
    If you are collecting a government pension while employed by a government
    entity you should not be collecting twice at the expense of taxpayers.
    jim h


  3. The 10 New Flyer Model: D40LF were purchased from C-U MTD I believe. why not buy more used buses instead of buying expensive new buses?


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