Integrity in Normal? (stop laughing)

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below is another page from the workbook compiled by Lyle Sumek for the Normal Town Council:


Start with:


The Normal Town Council can’t come up with 4 votes to force changes to the illegal public comment policy?

That’s integrity?

How about the years of 5-10 minute meetings that used to happen because no one on the council ever questioned anything?

That’s integrity?

How about ignoring citizens in Blackstone Trails who just wanted other locations explored for a fire station – like across the street?

That’s integrity?

How about allowing Chris Koos to leave a seat open on the Connect Transit Board for a year – meaning Normal is under-represented?

That’s integrity?

How about all the below market rate leases for what looks like government friends?

That’s integrity?

How about paying property taxes the Town didn’t owe for years?

That’s integrity?

How about the Council member who evidently pretends to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance, yet wants a higher office?

That’s integrity?

How about the council vilifying the one member overwhelming elected last April because of the above?

He could teach the Council Integrity!

Failure to show “integrity” will get members replaced.



6 thoughts on “Integrity in Normal? (stop laughing)

  1. How about giving A HALF MILLION DOLLARS to Nick Africano to demolish two buildings on Beech in Normal that are on his property, and then having only one building razed and pocketing the rest of the money?

    How about negotiating with a resident in Normal to possibly purchase their house for $400,000.00 so the EAC can have a new home?

    You are corrrct: Integrity and the people running Normal into the ground are not synonymous. (Not including Stan Nord and Karin Smith, of course.

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  2. Fuhrer Koos and his brown shirts are corrupt and should be subjected to a recall election by the people of the Town of Normal.


  3. Diane, it appears you may have copied some extra text on the picture above. It should read simply: “Normal Town Government: Core Beliefs We Take”. I think the other stuff after that doesn’t belong. 😉

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