Unit 5 indoctrinating kids with CNN

By:  Diane Benjamin

I haven’t FOIA’d other school districts yet, but I’m betting this is widespread.

I was contacted weeks ago by a person who’s grandson was unable to study during STUDY HALL because the teacher always had CNN10 on instead of allowing quiet time.  This was at Kingsley Junior High.  This person has watched CNN10 and was disgusted by the constant attacks on President Trump.  The attacks weren’t as ridiculous as the CNN network, but they were obvious.

Today I sent a FOIA request ar 2:33 to Unit 5 asking for the cost, district policy for use, and what schools have CNN10.

The first response was from the FOIA officer who works in the District office:

no aware

This is the only FOIA I have ever filed and received a response almost immediately.

I was notified by the distinct attorney at 3:17 instead of the FOIA officer:

dsitrict attorney

The red is Unit 5’s response:


I appreciate the lightning fast response, but the question is why is it from the district lawyer? 

Of course there is no cost for CNN10!  Talking schools into paying for TV wouldn’t fly – free is the best way to sneak in indoctrination.  Is CNN trying to train kids to watch their station only in the future?  Great marketing plan since their current viewership is dismal.  

Ask your kids how often they are subjected to CNN propaganda.  Contact the School Board and ask them why kids are exposed to one sided news at school.  I wonder how they will tell the “impeachment” story.  Will CNN10 say the Republicans aren’t allowed to call witnesses?

Would Unit 5 allow free Fox News in the classrooms?

100% NO

Wonder why young adults want socialism? 

For one, the public schools show them CNN!

Mad yet?  







16 thoughts on “Unit 5 indoctrinating kids with CNN

  1. What ever happened to the day where study hall was meant for a quiet time to study? And I wonder why when paying for something with a high school kid at the cash register it is a wild journey into ignorance WHEN I PAY CASH.

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  2. In the past, Channel One would give schools TVs in every classroom in exchange for watching their news programs. I sure there is something wrong with that too, right?


      1. Question:
        “Why are students watching any TV at school?”

        So they have something to do when they get bored playing on their smartphones. ALSO in school.

        Many adults have NO IDEA how bad the public eduction system in this country has become in the last 25 years–even though test scores clearly show it. Truly, daily behaviors, action and activities that would have been unthinkable a generation ago.

        If you can, home school or charter school, NOW!

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    1. I am sure you are fine with the concept. But then again you would probably have no problems with people buying votes. Hell yes it is a problem. Wonder what your response would be if Trump bought TVs for schools as long as they promised to run a 30 minute daily program hosted by him. TVs have no place in school for news (fake) or real. Schools are for learning math science ENGLISH geography, not political BS

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  3. Like Maggie said, this is 1000% why I homeschool my kids. I set the CURRICULUM to make sure they’re not brainwashed. I set the reading list. We just started reading Don Jr’s new book ‘Triggered’. Here’s some of the good books I’ve had my kids read this past school year: The Art of the Deal; Liars, Leakers and Liberals; The Turner Diaries; Atlas Shrugged; The Road to Serfdom; The Camp of the Saints; The Wealth of Nations; The Holy Bible and good conservative outlets like BLNnews.com .

    There’s no way a liberal- commie school district would have any of those books taught considering they don’t allow prayer in school. I would never let my beautiful kids be indoctrinated by Karl Marx.

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    1. Jack Morales. I’m so glad to read this. You’re children will be so much better off. (Btw, Mark Levin’s books, such “Liberty & Tyranny” are very good if you’re looking for other resources.)

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      1. Thanks! My personal favorites I’ve shared with my kids are: Born Guilty, The Coming Civil War, and Mein Kampf. Some of the best and most true literature ever written!


  4. Every child should have parents that brainwash like this especially including the holy bible. With all the news media and schools controlled by the far left children today don’t stand a chance if they don’t have parents that are conservative who instill common sense and teach them the Ten commandments. Their children will be exposed the other side soon enough.


  5. And hang this on schoolroom walls:
    “No race can prosper until it learns there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.” Booker T. Washington

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  6. CNN10 is not CNN. I was very concerned when I learned my son was watching it at school, so I’ve reviewed several episodes. CNN10 still leans left, but only slightly, not enough to worry about IMO. The greater damage is that it conditions children to think CNN has credibility as a ‘news organization’.


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