School Indoctrination on full display last night

By:  Diane Benjamin

1:36:15 – Tim Gleason reports he held a retreat with around 40 department leaders.  The theme was: Servant Leadership.  Ever heard that from anyone with the City before?  I believe Tim Gleason really believes this.  Nice.

Public Comment at the Bloomington City Council meeting started at 16:00 and received a 20 minute extension so everyone could speak.  It didn’t end until 1:08.51.  That means actual business took 43 minutes which included comments by the City Manager, Tari Renner, and Council members.

Public Comment was so long because of an orchestrated show over #ClimateCrisis.  Thanks to local socialist, Sonny Garcia, for telling us who these people were:

sonny climate

Listening to these mostly young adults it is easy to see they don’t believe it has ever been really hot or really cold at anytime in history.  Where did they learn this?  CNN10 or ISU?  Many mentioned coming to town for school.

Some members of the Council wanted to hear more!  At 1:48;12 Jamie Mathy stated the Coliseum would make a great short term shelter!  Kimberly Bray wants to investigate heating and cooling centers.  Ditto Scott Black.  Of course Jenn Carrillo is on board.  

These speakers prove the real goal of the Global Warming/Cooling/Change/Crisis discussion:

Wealth redistribution

Force government to take your money to provide for others.  Personal responsibility is immaterial.  #Socialism

Do they know unemployment is at record lows?

Scattered among the Greta Thunberg wan-a-bees were professionals asking the Council to not turn Bloomington into a cannabis destination.  At 1:42:30 Carrillo states she wants comments in writing.  Remember how the written comments to Connect Transit never made it to the Board?

You can listen to people opposed to the direction the Council is going with cannabis at:   19:45, 25:34, 32:45, and 52:50

One more:

1:01:58 – Joel Studebaker who ran as a socialist for the Normal Town Council in the last election has now moved to Bloomington.  He mentions all these speakers aren’t allowed at Normal meetings because of their illegal policy that only allows speaking to agenda items.

Even a socialist knows tyranny!

Joel, take your merry band there anyway.  Make Chris Koos throw you out.  Film it yourself however, they may have more “technical difficulties” with the video.

1:16:35  A representative from the firm who audited Bloomington’s financial statements mentions Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) appear for the first time due to changes in requirements.  I think full pension liability was only required a few years ago.

That means government has been hiding this information from you for decades, hence this story:

Want to see something scarier than the socialists?

This is Long Term Debt from the 2014 financial statements:

2014 PEB

This is now:

bloom debt

4 thoughts on “School Indoctrination on full display last night

  1. Looking at the opening chart (blue rectangles) noting Citizens of Bloomington at the top, one step above the Mayor, in reality shouldn’t that just be replaced with a middle finger? I’m talking reality here.

  2. Why is it most Bloomington residents are not aware the cannabis distribution issue and now a cannabis processing plant are being discussed and decided ? Why is this being kept so quiet? Why is it those that have been vocal about wanting these don’t want them near their neighborhoods so they want to put them on the Eastside where they are not wanted? If you want a community that is full of pollution and horrible odors from the factory and increased criminal activity, impaired drivers and to push away families and productive citizens then you will support this cannabis initiative. Otherwise speak up!! Do not be apathetic or the negative reality will dictate . Why shouldn’t this be on the next ballot for the community to decide?
    Who is the conservative going to be to run against Mayor Renner in 2020 ?

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