Do electric buses work in the cold?

By:  Diane Benjamin

In Indianapolis their electric buses started losing the charge when the temperature got below 50 degrees!

See this story:

Excerpts from TODAY’s story:

INDIANAPOLIS — The IndyGo electric buses are already showing signs of trouble as the temperatures plunge. It’s a problem Call 6 Investigates first exposed in March, and now it’s happening.

Once the temperatures took a dip below 50 degrees, the electric buses began having problems holding a charge.

In the past two weeks, as the thermometer hit 50 degrees and below buses which left the garage fully charged fell victim to the cold.

Their ‘SOC,’ which stands for ‘State of Charge,’ became too low to complete their route, and they were pulled out of service to be recharged.

The buses are manufactured by China-based ‘BYD,’ which stands for ‘Build Your Dreams.’ Other cities have returned BYD buses, and yet IndyGo seemed committed to the bus manufacturer company.

Guess who Connect Transit has bids from for new electric buses:

PDF page 29:


This is from the September meeting, nothing was on the October meeting agenda.

Think they will pick BYD?

Do we need Global Warming so the electric buses will run?

The Connect Transit November meeting has been delayed until December 5th because of Thanksgiving.

9 thoughts on “Do electric buses work in the cold?

  1. There’s no such thing as common sense in government. However, there’s a whole lot of ideologues in the local government. When these buses don’t work in BN, I can’t wait to hear the spin from the local elitists as the working poor are left in the cold or can’t get to work or doctor’s appointment.

  2. Of course this is a consequence of electric vehicles. But they’d rather give our money to their crony friends than admit to the reality of this failure. CT phone is going to be ringing off the hook with complaints about poor service. Then what are they going to do? Spend more of our money to buy a brand new fleet of non-electric buses! And a round we go. 🙄

  3. It has never been about affordable transportation but about politics. Koos and Renner and the group that showed up at Bloomington Council last night believe that humanity is destroying the world. In their simple minds, any change in the weather or climate is the direct result of man improperly using natural resources. Oil and coal are bad and the right to use it must be made illegal. They see electric as the sellable energy substitute you can use without guilt although they are too stupid to know that oil is a component of the batteries they so badly want you to use although their use may have environmental consequences. It is why Koos wanted Rivian to locate here, to prove a political point not to potentially create jobs. They are all ignorant that any change in climate is the likely result of natural phenomenon that occurs through time. They hate independence in man and are in denial that God is in control of nature.

  4. My hope is they go to an all electric fleet. Then in honor of the global warming hoax we have a really cold winter. This results in no bus service for half of the days they should have rolled due to not being able to run the full route. Fear of bus failure and freezing people on board….well maybe person. Then they would be shown for the fools we know they are. Problem is complaints would be limited due to so few riders hardly anybody to complain.

  5. But wait! If busses are undercharged, how will college kids get back and forth to the bars late night?

  6. Like I’ve stated before , cant wait to see them C T buses sitting dead in the water on Veterans. pkwy. Of course they will be empty but hey!

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