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By:  Diane Benjamin

Read this story first:

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If Bloomington wants to pander to the local socialists and provide warming and cooling centers:

They have a NEVER used fire station complete with a kitchen and probably beds.

Since it is on the southwest side of town, I’m not sure how people would get there.  I hear Ward 2 doesn’t have bus service.

Want to see what this fiasco cost you?






11 thoughts on “Comment from a reader!

  1. “The station has leaked from the beginning because the blocks were not waterproof. They tried applying a sealant from the builder.”
    Does the building still leak. I am stunned, flabbergasted and dumbfounded! This builder was so incompetent that they didn’t know enough to use the proper materials to build a fire station. How is that the city was not reimbursed by the builder or his insurance company for this utter fiasco. If a builder did this when building a home for someone, I highly doubt the builder would not be held responsible for substandard construction.

    1. I’ve noticed large cracks in the block work on the front of the building anyway! A fine example of tax money well spent! Not!

  2. Failed central planning. Imagine that? Next time the City wants to build something or start a capital intensive project, they should ask themselves how they can repurpose this vacant station or other vacant facilities before building. After all, the most sustainable building is one that already exists. I’m not holding my breath.

  3. So it’s socialist to care whether people to die of hypothermia? Talk about heartless. Are you a Christian? Both public libraries and community center have been warming centers for years and years, that’s nothing new. The Salvation Army Safe Harbor Shelter and Home Sweet Home Mission have comprehensive homeless services. Both serve the homeless population in Bloomington/Normal for years, that also nothing new. I bet anything that if Fire Station 5 was somehow turned into a homeless shelter, you’d be screaming about that on this blog.

  4. About the only way to save the building and make it serviceable would be to envelope it entirely (except windows, doors, and vents) and thickly in a gunite/shotcrete combination. That will stop any leakage and also make it look sort of like a mounded pueblo, or if painted brown, a big pile of s___.

  5. There was some activity today at the stillborn firehouse. Two large white box vans and a black, unmarked (but bristling with a plethora of antennae) Explorer police cruiser. Storage for redacted FOIA items, the real audits, and other info to be hidden from the public? Gotta go somewhere since the ‘shed’ at the lake burned.

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