Government Logic: Normal

By: Diane Benjamin The big controversy at last night’s Normal Council meeting was borrowing $2.5 million over 10 years from a local bank to build the East Side Fire Station. Facts: That $2.5 million becomes $2,703,939 which means Normal is redistributing $203,939 from your pocket to Busey Bank. Kathleen Lorenz claimed this is good for […]

Bloomington’s Master Planning

By: Diane Benjamin Government is not capable of Master Planning because they are spending YOUR money not theirs. They use your taxes as a piggy bank to fulfill their wishes. Voters keep electing progressives who promise to make their lives better and of course not raise taxes to do it. Insert your own joke__________________. Proof […]

Value of City properties – 2019

By:  Diane Benjamin All of this information was obtained by FOIA. This spreadsheet was included in the information I received about the Lake Bloomington Fire.  It won’t be easy to read unless you print it:  Copy of Property Values for updating 2019 – FILE G_Complete Here are some excerpts, imagine how much money would be […]

Bloomington attacks the poor AGAIN

By:  Diane Benjamin The City of Bloomington will NEVER have enough of your money.  Complete control of the local economy means your money is theirs and they are free to take it at will.  Monday night they will discuss taking more for their vision. Want your roads fixed? Even though Tari Renner and […]

Something I found looking for something else

By:  Diane Benjamin October 8, 2007 Bloomington City Council Minutes: Ensenberger Condominiums received $2,228,000 in TIF money.  Many condos are still unsold.  These are the same people who want bailed out of the Front & Center building. Just the architect for the Fire Station that has never been used cost $301,900. More info on […]

You missed this Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin Either the media fell asleep during last Monday’s Council meeting or they didn’t report this on purpose.  A presentation was made by the Fire Chief – this was included: Public Safety has been very high on citizen’s priority lists for City spending.  This one graphic is MILLIONS of dollars with millions more […]

Unused Station #5 history

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington taxpayers have been abused by their government.   Government’s job is not to run people’s lives with subsidized business, subsidized economic development, and subsidized entertainment.  Taxpayers get to pay for “Quality of Life” as defined by government, it has no resemblance to what most citizens pick as “quality”. Tari Renner has […]