Bloomington’s Master Planning

By: Diane Benjamin

Government is not capable of Master Planning because they are spending YOUR money not theirs. They use your taxes as a piggy bank to fulfill their wishes. Voters keep electing progressives who promise to make their lives better and of course not raise taxes to do it. Insert your own joke__________________.

Proof is in a story I did in February of 2016:

That story recaps everything that was said BEFORE the Coliseum was built. The arena is a NEED, taxes won’t be raised, revenue will be $7.1 million a year.

Tari Renner was paid $2600 to do public polling. Bloomington paid $128,000 for a feasibility study.

Everything uttered to “sell” citizens on building the arena was fantasy.

Most of the audited Coliseum financial statements are still on line. 2 years are missing:

2020 isn’t presented as audited.

Below is a summary that proves the projections, feasibility study, and fantasy were all a lie. Revenue never got anywhere near $7.1 million a year, taxes were raised for the BCPA but half was diverted to pay the mortgage.

Depreciation recovers the cost of the building, it is included in the Operating Loss.

There are no events planned at the Coliseum:

Office space is now rented to the Convention and Visitors Bureau.  Saturday Indoor Farmer’s Markets are considered a success, revenue generated for taxpayers from these events is unknown.  Vaccinations were given there, again revenue unknown (probably zero).  Early voting also takes place there, revenue generated unknown again (zero?)

Uniformed voters and those that failed to show up for local elections did this.  Schools won’t but should require classes in what limited government means.  This quote from my 2016 story proves my point:

Former City Manager Hamilton and Markowitz  said that building a community is more than basics like roads, sewer, water, police, fire and garbage pickup.

Ignoring the basics has proven Hamilton and Markowitz were wrong, the June flooding wasn’t just an “Act of God”.   The private sector builds “community”, governments redistributes your wealth.  

Bloomington proved they are still on the same path by building a water park instead of just replacing the pool.  The library expansion is next.  

At least the library said how much of your money they want – for now.  Expect more in the future, just like the Coliseum.

I wonder if Hamilton’s never used Fire Station #5 might be needed in the future with the Rivian growth? Did the water leaks ever get fixed? Does all the equipment inside need replaced now?

2 thoughts on “Bloomington’s Master Planning

  1. LOL, if Station #5 is actually needed, repair costs might exceed demolition and repair cost, especially in this town. Wringing of hands will commence and council approval to build new would be on the horizon.

  2. Everyone knew the coliseum would be a loser. But the council voted for it anyway. What a waste

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