Value of City properties – 2019

By:  Diane Benjamin

All of this information was obtained by FOIA.

This spreadsheet was included in the information I received about the Lake Bloomington Fire.  It won’t be easy to read unless you print it:  Copy of Property Values for updating 2019 – FILE G_Complete

Here are some excerpts, imagine how much money would be available for essential services if Quality of Life wasn’t more important.

bcpa valuecol value

The never used fire station:

fs 5

Did you know Bloomington owns this:

jumers cc

Remember the never used water tower?  I don’t know if “old” reflects that one or not – it has to be part of this:

division pumpfort jesse water

The City borrowed money from the IEPA to build it – see this story for more:

linc leis

The garage they want to tear down is valued at almost $15,000,000

mt parking garage






7 thoughts on “Value of City properties – 2019

  1. When did Jumers become a property of the city of Bloomington? If so who got the money from the sale?

  2. This is all a result of apathy by the citizenry. No longer do governments serve the citizenry. Today, we citizens serve our governments. Please don’t just vote, find a way to participate in causes that really matter to you. Do not lose any of your idealism.

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