What is Bloomington paying tonight?

By:  Diane Benjamin


The BCPA has a show tomorrow night, they NEVER pay this much for an artist:

nbcpa artist fee


All the colored dots are tickets still available, the cheapest seats are $49, they go up to $64:

unsold seats

Jamie Mathy went to a conference in Denver.  Room rates are normally $160-$180.

mathy conference

Billy Tyus has a conference in June

Tyus conf

Did you get raffle tickets?

meat bundle

Why did SOAR rent space at Heartland instead of using a City owned facility?  BCPA?

soar bcpa

Why did HR pay VenuWorks and call it Employee Relations? Tickets to a show?


Total Legal for April – the discussion of doing legal in-house disappeared:

total legal

14 thoughts on “What is Bloomington paying tonight?

  1. My garbage man don’t pick up this much waste! He leaves it all over the street. QUALITY OF LIFE!!

  2. Born and raised in Bloomington, lived here all of my life. Next year I will be moving out of state. Also, so are many of my neighbors as soon as they can in the next 2-3 years. My kids are already gone, the neighbors kids are going to leave too. Getting out of ILL-annoy which most definitely includes B-N. It seems like that is what the liberals want and that is what they’re quite obviously getting and going to get more of it. Perhaps it is wrong to run but B-N is dying and perhaps it’s just time to seek calmer waters cause they are out there. It’ll take years to right this ship.

    1. BN is dying because it refused to change with the times economically. State Farm was always overstaffed and the company refused to change an ancient business model. Community leaders refused to diversify the economy because they didn’t want to anger Mother Farm. Believe me when I tell you there were opportunities to bring some high potential growth companies that featured computer and high tech innovations but social relationships were seen as more important. Also, Illinois will continue to be run by Chicago interests that quite frankly doesn’t care if downstate dies outside of the U of I. The taxing mentality to cure all financial problems will remain at warp speed so nothing changes there. A majority of business refuse to put up with it. Liberal politicians are still afraid of organized labor so Illinois will never become a right to work state, another archaic thought process. Locally, leadership feels we are positioned to be the next Seattle or San Jose based on nothing…and there you have it

      1. You hit the nail on the head! We can’t afford to leave otherwise we’d be gone too. I moved here from Spfld 27 years ago when I married. It’s sad to see such a great city go downhill. It started with the arena vote. The writing was on the wall then.

  3. I will start by saying I don’t agree with the Normal Mayor/Councilmen and Bloomington Mayor/Aldermen going to all the conferences they do. It seems they go to more than enough and maybe even add on so everyone gets to go on the taxpayers’ dime.

    Specific to this expense, my guess is taxes and fees added on are much more than they use to be. I hate getting a rate of $30 per day for a rental car only to have it be $50 a day after taxes/fees or an $89 hotel bill turn into $115. Then again, I guess that is what they want to do in this area so the “out of town” people are adding money to the local coffers.

    Perhaps some of these highly paid downtown people who aren’t adding any value can be tasked with finding expenses where we paid for something despite having in-house resources – ex. conference room space.

  4. Illinois IS one of the HIGHEST taxed states-PERIOD. And IF the Democrats want to run HARD WORKING people , and the upper 2% out by higher taxes. That WILL be their downfall! As it’s THOSE 2% that ARE the SHAKERS and MOVERS also called Philanthropists! The STATE will get MORE in TAX dollars (maybe), but the “public good” will go to hell, and they’ll also run out the farmers, so they’ll HAVE to farm their ground to pay THEIR TAXES!
    THAT would be GREAT reality TV! Meanwhile AOC will still be bantering on about “cow gas” and climate change and the world ending in 12 years… Illinois is headed that way…

  5. Sticky Bean and others, we’re also looking to relo. Unfortunately, the influx of people who are replacing those who are leaving are completely different. B-N will essentially have to be one great big social service agency. I never thought I’d see the decline of B-N as I have. Bottom line, the lazy who don’t vote who could vote would have really helped in the extraordinarily low vote elections.

    1. I can’t figure out why voters don’t vote. Are they the upper bracket folks who don’t care because they have enough money it doesn’t matter to them? You can bet if people could vote from their Lazy Boys, the numbers would be higher. I had a stroke in Sept so I did a mail in ballot. It was easy.

      1. The local media should take much of the blame. First they don’t report what is really going on, then they fail to encourage voting – as if anybody is still listening to them anyway.

    2. To be truthful, social service organizations and their employees are loving the population trends. A majority of these people are excited about unskilled people moving into the area because it protects their jobs and grows their organizations. They could care less it is destroying the area. A majority see themselves as saviors of the less fortunate but have no idea how to solve these problems. Their answer is to always throw money at the problem. They make matters worse more than improving them because they make excuses for their clients. Many come from similar family and economic conditions so both employee and client feed off of each other. By the way, look up the salaries of some of the directors that run these organizations.

  6. Hi Diane.

    I guess all this expense explains why they can’t mow the Trail near our house. Maybe they should put a sheep or a cow on a picket line out there and move it every day. Then they could sell it at the end of the growing season. Y


    1. Yvonne: The powers that be has likely determined that your area of the trail should be part of the “natural area” and not mowed but burned every couple of years. You can take solace in knowing that your portion is providing “natural draining” for rain runoff which keeps the sewers cleaner and prevents backups. Your area would also be getting more attention if you were a notable government member or employee or a member of BN Society.

  7. On the hotel bills, I guess none of the little elites have ever thought of things like watching rates and using sites such as hotels.com etc. EVERY time I check dates and rates I find MUCH better deals than these dummies pay, EVERY time. I guess they just like paying basically “rack-rate” all of the time and, though it’s not their money, still one would think they would have a LITTLE consideration.

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