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By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember at the end of May when I reported the City owns the Jumer’s Conference Center?

It looks like $3 million was sunk into it.

So what is its status?

The City is leasing it and getting NOTHING for it.  From my FOIA cover document:

chateau lease

I guess they aren’t even getting this (from the lease):

mthly lease

Instead, two years of ZERO payments, likely many more.  Who pays for maintenance?  I don’t feel like reading a 74 page lease to find out.  I do know the lease is until 12/31/2027.

Why does everything the City touches rot?  Because they really know how to do economic development?

The City is getting no lease income and nobody is paying property taxes.  Brilliant.  See the latest lease here:   2007-00001975

The original lease was in 1987,

BTW, I also FOIA’d a list of insurance payments resulting from the Lake Bloomington fire.  They extended that request another 5 days.  I’m hearing rumors taxpayers may not like that report.  Stay tuned.


10 thoughts on “More Bloomington Brilliance

  1. OK, wait, I’m still in shock over the no property taxes. I pay over 2,000 a year for my little dwelling and the Jumer’s property pays nothing???? Do they have to pay a power bill, a water bill, a gas bill, etc? I mean, ya just never know these days.

      1. Ok, thanks, I must have misread it – doesn’t matter though, anytime THEY don’t pay WE prolly pay more to make up for it.

  2. The coliseum 2.0 ? So here is my question Diane, When did the city “buy” Jumers? Was this a transaction done and voted on with public debate during an open council meeting or was this done behind locked doors at midnight ? You would think with that sizeable transaction, a public debate would have gone on. But alas, I’m sure King Midas,oops, King Tari Obama would do it behind locked doors at midnight.

  3. So,Tari’s solution to a floundering economy in Bloomington is to buy the businesses? ONE: when gov gets their corrupt paws on business it spells disaster (ie:Amtrak) and TWO: If Tari is in buying business mode I’ll give him my phone number.

  4. So they KNOW that we NEED bike lanes, We WANT an ARENA (THANKS JUDY) a “downtown hotel is NEEDED, we SHOULD ride the bus, and We HAVE to OWN a hotel! Wonder when I should flush??
    The government took over the CHICKEN RANCH brothel years back in Nevada in a tax sale, they went BROKE at THAT! Now, IF you can’t even make money selling Whiskey and Women, WHAT CAN you do???

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