Value of City properties – 2019

By:  Diane Benjamin All of this information was obtained by FOIA. This spreadsheet was included in the information I received about the Lake Bloomington Fire.  It won’t be easy to read unless you print it:  Copy of Property Values for updating 2019 – FILE G_Complete Here are some excerpts, imagine how much money would be […]

$910,155.73 – but one question unanswered

By:  Diane Benjamin Another item on the agenda tonight is spending $910,155.73 for new automated parking equipment at 3 garages:  Market, Lincoln & Pepsi Ice Center The Pepsi Ice Center garage is in its 11th year of operation and the Downtown Task Force wants to tear down the Market Street garage, but those are just minor details. […]

“Cheers” for inept government!

by:  Diane Benjamin Celebrate Celebrate!  The Pantagraph is cheering the Bloomington City Council for moving quickly to fix the Pepsi Ice Center parking garage. It’s been closed for 11 months Pantagraph! Worse, the parking garage isn’t even 10 years old.  Taxpayers paid around $3,3000,000 for the original construction.  Monday night the Council will review bids […]

Anybody check the Coliseum?

by:  Diane Benjamin Last night the City Council was informed on the status of the Pepsi Ice Center parking garage that has been mostly closed since last October.  You can see the presentation here: A good description of the problem starts at 8:30.  The speaker is Greg Meeder, a partner in a Chicago Law […]

Closed parking deck – anybody care?

by:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington taxpayers:  you paid for a parking deck that opened in 2005.  It has been closed since October 2013 because it is defective.  You should rightly be outraged that YOUR money was thrown away.  If media cared about the truth, they would be asking questions.  They don’t, so I’m forced to get […]