Anybody check the Coliseum?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Last night the City Council was informed on the status of the Pepsi Ice Center parking garage that has been mostly closed since last October.  You can see the presentation here:

A good description of the problem starts at 8:30.  The speaker is Greg Meeder, a partner in a Chicago Law firm specializing in construction.  See his bio here:

The parking garage was built with pre-cast concrete made off site.  Evidently the supporting steel used wasn’t the strength required to support the structure.  The conversation blamed the contractors, and of course legal action is involved.  Expenses are already mounting.

The big question wasn’t answered:  The Coliseum was built with precast concrete, just like the garage.  Has it been inspected?

This post is not to alarm citizens!  The structures are totally different, but it would be nice to know some official inspected the construction.  If lawsuits are already involved with the parking garage, why not cover everything the first time if necessary.



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  1. Scary thing about it is the comment something along the line of “,,,we don’t have the expertise to,,,write code,” made by Mark Huber our former Building and Safety administrator concerning the passage of the International Building Code. Okay then do you therefore not have the expertise to inspect?

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