Who voted for the NEVER used Fire Station?

By:  Diane Benjamin

To understand why the Council approved building a fire station on 6 Points Rd, you have to go back in time.

The current Council is convinced Bloomington’s future is downtown.  Just as they are wrong, history has proven development in SW Bloomington started and stopped.  Mitsubishi hadn’t yet failed and reduced its workforce.  It was May 2005 when the land was purchased, the COMPREHENSIVE PLAN stated a fire station was needed.

This is why all Master Plans need to be scrapped, this plan was wrong and cost millions of dollars!  The others are no different.


PDF page 24:

So, who voted yes?

Jump back a few years to December of 2003.  Who voted for the Coliseum?

Looks like voting for anybody named MIKE costs you money.

Or, we could just blame the two guys who voted for both: Matejka and Sprague.


12 thoughts on “Who voted for the NEVER used Fire Station?

  1. I’m just LMAO. Sandra Scott from the county zoning office was licking Stark right and left over the future home building growth around the gravel pit down there when it closed in the future. The city at that time had a sewage pumping station somewhere nearby on Stringtown Road as I recall. The growth was going to be phenomenal. My Quija Board said otherwise. I guess it was right after all. WeI don’t hear anymore about the IDOT plan to link I-55 at Shirley to Mitsubishi Pkwy either to. Dang another boat anchor idea. Maybe they should consider going from Shirley directly to downtown Bloomington. I mean with all of those tourist flocking there. My gawd no straight shot from I-55 to the Indictment Dome too.


  2. Poor Skip Crawford. Whining in the local newspaper because his property floods on Mercer Ave. and wants the city to fix the problem at their expense. Gosh maybe the city (council) should be a bit more frugal and choose more wisely what they do. I can’t say I feel sorry for the guy.


  3. Matejka and Sprague, now there’s two peas in the same pod. Matejka definitely was going for the labor union support. Sprague from what I know about him he was looking for the spring board effect of that Coliseum to make his head bigger. LMAO he sure got his bubble burst on that yea vote.


    1. Matejka used the Unions. Everything He did or voted on was for contractors like Stark…Matejka is not a friend of workers. I promise you that. He’s a friend of contractors who don’t care about employees and I haven’t made a straight line yet, but I’ve found a few pothole filled back roads that tell me he might need to be in prison with his buddy former governor Blag…


  4. The City invested $10M in the area around the fire station. The prediction was that 59,000 new residents were moving to Bloomington drawn in by the quality of life venues. We all know the results. Snyder was the developer and still owes the City money on the annexation agreement. The nightmare has been going on for decades. Time to wake up to reality.


    1. Palmer another developer from the Chicago area was looking to cash in on the boom too at that time. He was buying up farm ground SW of Bloomington right and left. I don’t know if he still owns the land or not. I haven’t looked at a Platt map for a number of years. Oh well the growth didn’t happen. I should have loaned them my Quija Board.


      1. Maybe you should look at a platt map. There is a developer who wants to unload property to the City/Town for a “sports complex.”


  5. If Snyder owes the city money, why are they not actively seeking the compensation? Oh, maybe Snyder has been a big contributor to PACs. I once heard that PACs is another word for bribery.


    1. The City has modified the annexation agreement with Snyder for Fox Creek subdivision. He owed $600K for sewer tap on fees and is paying $10K/year over a total of 7 years. There is still an outstanding debt. Keep in mind, Fox Creek annnexation agreement was made 25 years ago and the amount due should have been paid within two years. Those sewer tap on fees are meant for maintenance and repair of existing sewers. Our sewer fees go up while the developer has a 25 year interest fee loan.


      1. Correction: Snyder is to pay $100K over 7 years but there is no guarantee the money is being spent for sewer repair.


  6. At the corner of 6 Points and Mitsubishi Motorway, which was to extend south via N1075 East Rd all the way to Shirley! (Look at Maps)
    1000 new homes near Fox Creek Elementary by 2010 didn’t happen either. No homes


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