Normal’s Long Nightmare is almost over, but first there is Monday:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Marc Tiritilli has announced he is running again for mayor.  The local media apparently is ignoring it, Peoria isn’t:

If only twelve more people had voted for Marc three years ago the citizen’s fleece and Koos ignoring the will of the people would already be over.

Obviously the current mayor is fibbing about expenses being approved in the budget and therefore they shouldn’t be discussed at Council meetings,  The “staff” creates the budgets with no line-items listed, just totals.  Nobody knows what is being paid until the check list is handed out at meetings.

Here’s one example.  The citizens who attended didn’t get fed, the staff did:


Was this in the budget?  Buried somewhere?


It is easy to see why the CIRBN fleece continues – pics from the gala:

Pictured schmoozing with the CIRBN head are 3 Council Trustees along with the infamous Rob Fazzini and a former trustee.

This was charged to the Finance Department:  (Questions aren’t allowed)

finance shipping

This one was charged to Parks and Rec:

staff lunch

More Tiger Grant spending:

more tiget grant

This brings Tiger Grant spending since May of 2018 to $409,285.03.(unless I missed some)

And so it begins, only $98,000 to go:


What’s on the agenda?

Keeping the minutes of Executive Sessions a secret.

Abating property taxes for the Shoppes at College Hills

Allowing ISU to use the Gallery space for free

Allowing on-street cafe seating in Uptown

Granting a Special Use Permit to sell cannabis

Appointing a secret person to the Sister Cities Committee.  Koos thinks working for free is a personnel issue and is therefore confidential until the vote.  In other words, the public can’t object if nobody knows who it is.

See details at the link above.








17 thoughts on “Normal’s Long Nightmare is almost over, but first there is Monday:

  1. It looks as though the Koos establishment folks are pretty close to CIRBN. Close meaning “Helping each other steal from the taxpayers while enriching themselves and their friends”

    1. Kathleen Lorenz called into question the ethics of Stan recommending the town consider saving money on street signs – since he had talked directly to the vendor, there was a possible conflict of interest. And yet Kathleen and other board members not just talking with, but Partying with, another town vendor is Not a comparable or even worse conflict of interest?

  2. And once again we see Kathleen Lorenz with her pals, other Progressives. No Republican that’s for sure. She had some people fooled, but most know the truth. Wolf in sheep’s clothing if ever there was one.

      1. I do recall there being cookies and bottled water for the public at the “Citizen Summit” so refreshments weren’t Entirely ‘staff only’.
        And while I cannot speak to the (in)appropriateness of any given expenditure, it’s at least better to be buying from Avanti’s than some higher-end and/or out-of-town vendor.
        (I’m still very pro-Marc / pro-Stan / pro-reform, I just try to be balanced about it – not Everything is negative.)

  3. “Pictured schmoozing with the CIRBN head are 3 Council Trustees along with the infamous Rob Fazzini and a former trustee.”

    The former trustee is the Queen’s Mother-in-law, Sonja Reece. She and Fazzini just won’t go away.

    Thanks for the photo journalism Diane. This crap shows what’s wrong with government not just here in Blono, but the entire state of Illinois.

    If this is their idea of fun, then what does that say about them? Not only are they corrupt, they’re boring. You couldn’t pay me $1,550 to go.

    1. It’s a club and YOU are not in it…(but you do get to pay for it). In all seriousness, this should be deeply alarming to everyone who sends their hard earned tax dollars to the Koos Cabal. These pictures are the faces of our crony capitalists and the good old boy system here that is KEEPING our area from moving forward into a 21st Century economy.

      Yes, the people pictured here DO NOT CARE about how bad this appears to the outside world. They don’t care that how they make their money and keep their positions is not related to what they do or the skills they have. They have what matters in the crony world of Bloomington-Normal: The ability to keep the right ***es kissed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. It is completely wrong and it needs to stop.

  4. Good reply STANKY. As for the photos. Well, I’ve seen more reputable faces and more RESPECTABLE ones on the bulletin board at the local Post Office. People wonder WHAT is WRONG with Illinois?? A picture speaks a THOUSAND words..
    And I”m not EVEN going into the “budget” debacle!
    Best wishes Marc!

  5. Time for Koos to get all those out of town student voters to vote! So the Shoppes are getting tax abatements,where are the abatements for the rest of the businesses in Normal. The businesses that have been established for years and years like the Shoppes? Time for Koos to start slinging his filth at Mark like he does constantly with Stan!

  6. 8K for Cub/Cardinal game? What did they do, take the entire city staff? 8K TAXPAYER DOLLARS for a baseball game!!!

  7. What people got to understand about Kathy is that she’s bought and paid for by Sonja Reece. Say no more.

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