Fazzini to announce?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I think I know what is going on between the McLean County Auditor and Treasurer, it isn’t the huge problem Michelle Anderson is making it out to be.

Back in 2014 there was a referendum asking if the Auditor job should be abolished.  I said NO – but the person holding that office badly needs replaced.

Michelle Anderson has a long history of causing trouble for County employees and elected officials.  I still have the same opinion – she needs to go, the office needs to stay and function as an auditor’s office should.  She will be on the 2020 ballot is she doesn’t quit before then or decides not to run.  The latest skirmish proves she isn’t capable of doing the job, Anderson has a huge problem getting along with people.

I’m hearing rumors that Rob “gas taxes don’t raise the gas price” Fazzini is going to announce tomorrow he is running for auditor.  Can an elected official be worse than Michelle Anderson?  YES.

I’ve written a ton of stories about the Fazzini train-wreck going all the way back to 2013:  https://blnnews.com/?s=Rob+Fazzini

The latest was his lawsuit against the defunct CornBelters for money he loaned them.  For a former banker it wasn’t bright to loan money to a corporation instead of an individual.  He wasted money on a lawsuit when everybody knew the corporation had no assets.

Remember when he wanted Bloomington to pay him to turn garbage into jet fuel?  https://blnnews.com/2014/11/04/fazzini-paradigm-you-paid/

Remember Fazzini signing contracts for the City of Bloomington with no authority?  https://blnnews.com/2018/03/28/why-is-fazzini-signing-contracts/

If all that isn’t enough to dismiss Fazzini, he is on the CIRBN Board of Directors:  https://www.cirbn.org/about-cirbn/board-of-managers

Rob is an elitist government insider – the type being rooted out by voters across the globe.  He thinks he is MUCH smarter than mere taxpayers!  Fazzini was also behind the attempt to have Super-Alderman in Bloomington, of course he would be one of them.  Remember Modified Wards?   He wasn’t smart enough to know I had a mole in his organization.

Yes, the Auditor’s office would be worse under Fazzini then Anderson.  Taxpayers need a GOOD candidate to step up to send them both into oblivion?

One more prediction:

Rumor has it this lady is going to run for coroner:


Her name is Abbi Sorrells.  Of course she would be running as a Democrat.  It looks like she is friends with “diversity expert” Chemberly Cummings.

That should tell you everything you need to know.

9 thoughts on “Fazzini to announce?

  1. And, Abbi’s credentials are what? Yoder has a Ph.D. in Nursing. Having some understanding of how the human body truly functions and experience in treating trauma is a valuable asset as a Coroner.

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  2. Well according to her tattoo she has a soul but not sure what kind of soul! Let me guess, just like Chemberly Cummings she works at State Farm in a job that doesn’t even come close to qualifying her for this position. Chemberly is nothing more than an analyst and the work she does on the telephony team has nothing remotely to do with being a behavioral expert but whatever. More incompetent people or folks who have such bogus high opinions of themselves is just what we need in government we want to continue to dig this hole even deeper. Don’t be a digger. Be hole filler! We desperately need good honest people to run for these offices.

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