Why is Fazzini signing contracts?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember former Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini?  You might remember him from his attempt to create Super Aldermen who represent the whole City, or you might remember his plan to turn the garbage into jet fuel, or maybe his statement that gas taxes don’t necessarily raise the price of gas.

Since I heard Jim Karch mention a couple of weeks ago there is no proof of that last one, some facts are required:


Somebody has to pay the tax.  If the gas station is only averaging .03 a gallon profit, it’s not them.  Obviously the price is increased at least .04, maybe more to cover the additional paper pushing required to report sales.  Remember before the last .04 tax there was no local gas tax.  All the station owners had brand new paperwork to file courtesy of the people who can’t manage the money they already steal.  (your local government)  Gas will get even more expensive when the Council raises that tax next.

Back to Fazzini:

The document is dated June 13, 2013.  Fazzini was still an alderman in 2013.  He didn’t quit until September of 2014.

When did aldermen get the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the City of Bloomington?


This statement is on the same page:

Tari had just taken office May 1st of 2013.  6 weeks later Fazzini is signing contracts for Bloomington?

There is more!  Fazzini also signed another contract in December of 2013!

I know the council never authorized Fazzini, so who did?  Tari?

For now, what the contract is for is a secret.  It is still in effect!



8 thoughts on “Why is Fazzini signing contracts?

    1. They belong in the same jail cell where Rob can admire his hair and Tari can adjust his goofy glasses and wear his mayor shirt.
      “I am the mayor and I want my free lunch!” screams Tari.
      “You want me to sign for that?” quips Rob.

  1. Him and Tari belong to the SAME snake oil club.. And they follow it’s oath to the letter..

  2. Lets see, if he did not have authorization to sign those contracts can we dump them? Lets hope they don’t add to the Coliseum mess.

  3. This city hall needs a complete audit of everything. Drain the sewage in city hall they all stink staff and council. Sick of the lies, games and sewage they put out and think we are like stupid. Done with this city BYE

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