Update: Tari on WJBC

It looks like WJBC is going to hide the Tari interview, it isn’t posted.  

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari again forgot he changed the rules for his “Open Houses” on WJBC this morning.  Evidently Scott Laughlin forgot too.  Funny how the City website still says you have to make an appointment:    http://www.cityblm.org/Home/Components/Calendar/Event/7500/17?backlist=%2fHome%2fComponents%2fNews%2fNews%2f4327%2f18%3fbacklist%3d%252F

Did you know if you speak at Public Comment you are “posturing”?  In other words, he doesn’t care about things you care about!  Thanks for confirming what we already knew Tari.  He also claimed none of those people ever showed up at his “Open Houses”.  That was a lie, they did until he changed the rules.

Does that include all the people who spoke about ignoring immigration law Tari?  Were they posturing too?  Most citizens saw their comments as intimidation.

Tari gave an example of why we need the welcoming ordinance.  He claims he spoke to a lady here on an expired visa who was beat up by her son who had a visa.  She was afraid to call the police.  Chief Heffner has already made it clear that his force doesn’t check immigration status.  Thinking citizens don’t want criminals here so they would want him to check.  Your ordinance would mean a violent guy would not be deported because ICE could not be contacted.  

Is that your version of Quality of Life Tari?

One note for people who speak at Public Comment:

The Council may not care about what you say, but they aren’t the audience who is listening.  A lot of people watch just public comment.  You are speaking to them.  Citizens need to know they aren’t alone.  Your comments underscore what others are already thinking but are to intimidated to say themselves.  Keep showing up.

If the audio is posted, I will add it to this story.



16 thoughts on “Update: Tari on WJBC

  1. Public comment IS generally posturing. It’s also mostly grandstanding. And in Bloomington a fair amount of scolding. Want to get stuff done? Meet one on one with aldermen and the mayor. No business happens at public comment. It’s required…but almost always a waste of time. OR RUN FOR OFFICE. BE THE CHANGE.


    1. With the left wing media and Chamber telling people who to vote for, some of them did run and lost. Tari made his open house’s private so he didn’t have to answer questions where other people can hear. So those wanting illegals protected were posturing too? Or is it only people you don’t agree with? BTW, those people do talking to their alderman.


    2. Rich—who is posturing and grandstanding? Who is the one taking most of the time speaking during the meeting? How often has Renner interrupted a speaker at public comment? Renner is “projecting” his behavior on those who disagree.


    3. Been there done that and your comments are a bit naive, but we expect that from you Rich. It’s too easy for politicans to escape a promise when made one on one. They know it and take advantage of it. Making a publlic comment is effective in many ways contrary to your bs. Grandstanding,,,LMAO! Rich your sincerety is a con job, no one here buys it. What to get stuff done? Look at both sides, study history so as not to repeat insanity, analyze,,,if you can. Good luck.


  2. You pretty much shut down people who don’t agree with you. If I make a statement, you thank me for the “comedy”. There is no “liberal” media. Just sources that you don’t agree with. You then declare them fake news. All news sources are corporations and as such are businesses they are in it to make money. Some sources, like Fox, Wall Street Journal make money presenting a more conservative view, so not all media is “liberal”.


    1. If you want to pretend that’s where I get news you are wrong. Believe it or not, it’s possible to get information from dozens of places and then use it to form my own opinions. All I hear from you are MSNBC and CNN talking points.


      1. How exactly do you know whether they are CNN and MSNNBC talking points? I bet anything you’re not watching either. You’re going by what your extreme sources SAY is on those venues. What ever you watch, whether it’s Breitbart or you Google other extreme websites,or you really just watch Fox News like I believe, Your talking points are the same factually wrong talking points. Opinions can be wrong, facts are not.

        For example if you think cutting taxes and increasing spending adding to our debt is a winning economic move, then you deserve the coming recession. If you think that having a failed reality star businessman who went bankrupt 6 times in his life is a good president, then you deserve all the Stormy scandals to come.

        You also don’t understand the forces of businesses,. like State Farm. There are forces that you refuse to acknowledge at all. There has been an increase weather related disasters. From Katrina to Super Storm Sandy and Harvey and Maria. Some insurance companies are forced to pull partly out of the home insurance. No company can keep on paying out billions and not change their model. Climate change is the elephant in the room that you refuse to understand.


      2. I don’t read Breitbart because they are no longer credible after the death of Andrew. I don’t watch Fox News because their Fair and Balanced approach of allowing left and right to spout talking points is not only boring, its a waste of time. Trump was almost my last pick for President, right above a criminal however. People have been jailed for far less than she did with classified data. If you don’t see that you have a HUGE problem with reality. Is Climate Change global cooling or global warming? I can’t keep track. Check the history of natural disasters. They run in cycles.


  3. I attended the meeting where Tari threatened to veto the budget when he demanded 4 new taxes. The aldermen had voted it some of the taxes down and then Tari bullied them and it end up passing a week or two later. We had a room full of people upset about the tax increases and it didn’t end up to make a difference. People try to talk to the council, but when they are ignored because “Council knows best”, they quit showing up. I still vote though! Eventually, they will run out of people to tax or money to confiscate because local governments can’t print money like the feds. They will face the music eventually! Even their property tax levies lead to downward pressure on the value of the houses they are attempting to tax. People buying houses look at the total payment, when taxes go up the house value and/or number of buyers go down.

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  4. It’s been used throughout history – those who question them are called troublemakers, if they speak publicly they are grandstanding for attention, or they referto them as conspiracy theorists, or in some (many) cases they are simply dismissed as senile or crazy. History is soooo important, so important in fact that they hardly teach it anymore…


  5. It’s global warming. To you it’s a hoax. It isn’t. Hurricanes that are stronger, hold more water, resulting in Harvey dumping more water in one storm in recorded history. Uncontrollable wild fires in the west, western cities running out of drinking water. The Artic warming driving cooler winters into Europe. I could go on.

    The Dump hasn’t been accused of rape? That’s hilarious. Yes he has, he admitted it on tape. You don’t grab a woman’s privates without rape.


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