Tari speaks in the Pravdagraph

By:  Diane Benjamin

It looks like the Pantagraph is now allowing Tari to write about himself, from March 23rd:


I wonder what section they ran this in?

The article/editorial has some problems.  Tari must have forgotten he changed the rules for his “Open Houses”.  They aren’t open, citizens have to make an appointment.  The meeting then takes place behind closed doors, the heat must have gotten too high for the mayor.

After the summit, expect an offer to serve on a committee.  Dissenters need to be brought into the fold.

The transparency claims are getting old.  Everybody knows the Illinois Policy award was based on information provided on the City website.  It has nothing to do with operating with transparency.  By the way Tari, as of this morning no minutes for 2018 have been posted.  It’s only March. maybe we’re expecting too much?      http://www.cityblm.org/government/advanced-components/documents/-folder-1624

I wonder if IPI will yank your A rating?

Tari claims the challenges ahead will require tough decisions.  We saw those Monday night.  Raise taxes, raise taxes, and raise taxes.

Tari also claims Bloomington leads the state in improving open government and communication with constituents.  Evidently that means attacking anyone who disagrees and beating them into submission.  He’s done it to so many citizens he’s now decided to move on to Council members.

The article ends with Tari requesting more citizen input, I suggest you avoid mentioning free market capitalism.  That’s hate speech.





6 thoughts on “Tari speaks in the Pravdagraph

  1. OH, That piece was about Tari’s open houses? Heck, I laughed so hard when I read that I thought it was the comics. NOW I got to go back and read the comics..
    Thanks DIane..


  2. The good news is no one but his kool-aid drinking followers believe this garbage. Tari is on the run politically and he knows it. He uses the Pantagraph, like Koos uses WGLT, to put out some feel good, awe shucks, fluff piece to help distract from a problem or controversy. The citizens are pissed about the increasing fees and lack of any guts to make even the most nominal cuts to government and pet project spending. We have entered a recession in Bloomington and Tari, as usual, is the last to know.

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  3. The 1st ammendment does not mention truth, only ‘free’ speech and press. But with others shedding light on the dark spaces we get to know truth and discern where the lies reside. Thank you Diane for all you do!

    Love the Pravdagraph too, it truly fits like a glove!

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  4. I recall an article posted here about a group of citizens who spent months pouring over the budget. Who provided a written report to the Mayor and Council with suggestions for cost savings/reductions aka cuts. That report was never acknowledged nor its contents used in the formation of the budget. There are people who prepare and offer solutions but if the recommendations are not the right fit for the agenda they disappear.


      1. That’s quite typical, they are always saying they welcome input and will consider suggestions put forth by the community..well.. that is IF those suggestions are all in line with their already decided decisions. If not, they are ignored or if mentioned at all scorned and derided as nonsense and/or “impractical”. as Diane stated above if it cuts anything and saves money Tarry is gonna poo-poo it right of the bat and his sheep will nod their woolly heads in agreement.

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