Normal Council tonight + more Stan Nord

By:  Diane Benjamin

This paragraph is in the minutes to be approved at Monday night’s meeting.  They reflect part of the Connect Transit discussion from the prior meeting.  If you remember, Stan Nord wanted some accountability for the money Normal pays them.


Did you know that once an item is in the budget it can’t be changed?  (I didn’t either!)

In case you missed it, Chris Koos told the Pantagraph he will not appoint Marc Tiritilli to the Connect Transit Board.  Marc isn’t the “right fit”.

The $100 a month lease for 305 S. Linden is NOT on the agenda.

Checks to be approved:

iml spending

FOIA needed:

CIRBN builds

Hum . . . 


Still spending money trying to get free money

more tiger grant

Total since last May – $4,238.79 + $348,389.08 = $352,657.87

Maxwell Park is getting a makeover with the State contributing half of the total – $800,000.  This is the beginning:

maxwell park plan


Stan Nord’s property is back on the agenda!

This paragraph is all you need to know:

Stan sewer tap on

11 years and 3 land owners ago the Town of Normal failed to collect a sewer tap-on fees before connecting it.  The Town wants Stan to pay for their error.

If the Town can require Stan to pay now for their failure to collect the fee before connecting, they can do it to any property owner in Normal.

There is a THIRD option.  The Town of Normal needs to admit they screwed up and quit trying to force somebody to pay for their error.  Keep in mind this is the Town that gives away property they paid for to preferred developers.  


Read the letter from Stan’s lawyer on PDF page 134.  This action continues to PDF page 142.






13 thoughts on “Normal Council tonight + more Stan Nord

  1. If you have ever known any of these people, it is near impossible for them to admit mistakes they have made on the job. They are either in a state of total denial or throw a subservient under the bus. In this case, it sounds like political payback. You have to wonder if the property owner’s name wasn’t Stan Nord, would the Town be pursuing this in the manner they are? So many people in these positions that are vindictive and quite frankly, immature.


  2. IF I recall right, seems that somewhere in the recent past UPTOWN overpaid THE GARLIC PRESS for something like $40,000 and when it was found out, they let THE GARLIC PRESS keep it or made it a low interest loan…
    Bottom line is KOOS CANNOT get rid of the taste of OUR GRAPES, which seems to be his DAILY agenda these days..Maybe he should QUIT HIS JOB, and stick to bicycles..


  3. the psych evaluations were for the newly hired police officers. However, why on earth are we spending money to try and get free money?!?!?!?


  4. As usual, it all depends on who you are and who you know. If you’re part of the “local deep state,” fees are waived and the way is paved with gold bars. If you are not part of the “local deep state,” then you will basically be thrown under the bus and be left out in the cold.

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  5. I am curious as to the previous owners of Stan’s property. Is there some connection between them and the town, i.e. good ole boys at play? Why did it take so long for them to demand this fee?

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  6. Marc Tiritilli is not a good fit for the Transit Board? He is exactly what the board needs… Fuhrer Koos is really saying he is not part of his Brown Shirt posse so he is a no go. Marc also has common sense and a brain… so that is a disqualification too.


  7. Of course they are going after Mr.Nord. He’s not the right fit for Normal City council. He is not only far too conservative for their tastes but he dares to question the monies going out . We’ ve seen this before in Bloomington. Can anyone say Judy Stearnes? As for psych evals, its about time! We the People have known for years that the mayor and council are crazy! The only reason Marc is not the right fit is because he dared to challenge Koos. Other than that, he’s actually overqualified. Put him in a room alone with Koos, the council and Disconnect transit and he’d be the only one in the room with any intelligence or common sense.

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