Normal: Where your money goes

By:  Diane Benjamin

For the second year in a row the Harmon Grants total $25,000.  In 2017 they totaled $50,000.  See this year’s recipients on PDF page 34.  Paul Harmon didn’t donate the money, it’s your money.

More spending trying to get free money:

more tiger grant spending

The total spent since May 2018 was $352,657.87.  Add this – the new total is $361,953.29.  Source:

The Town of Normal is paying property taxes on these properties:

norm prop taxnorm prop tax 2

These properties aren’t exempt because they are being leased.  It is not a complete list.  Here is one not listed, the 1st Installment on this property is $5,394.34.

not on list

If you think the lease income covers the property taxes, you would be wrong – at least on some of these properties.

Almost $1.6 million went to interest.

Your leaders will say development pays this interest.  Remember that when your property taxes are increased to fund pensions.  Receipts have been segregated making raising fees and taxes easy.

interest pay normal 2interest pay normal 3interest pay normal 4interest pay normal

4 thoughts on “Normal: Where your money goes

  1. The Harmon Grants redistribute taxpayer money to the local arts community, a reliable and very left-wing voting block. Of course, it’s portrayed as appreciation for the arts and culture, which contribute to a great quality of life. Barf!

  2. But $1.6M spent for pretty much nothing is inconsequential according to many on the board.
    Or paying hundreds in property tax in order to collect $1 in rent.
    Or paying tens of thousands in rent for space worth thousands, because it’s offset by not collecting any sales taxes.
    At least Stan will be there to be a voice of reason. Maybe we can get a few more in a couple years.

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