Expect flooding and mosquitoes

By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t a Reader

I’ve been trying not to respond to the NUMEROUS comments on line about Bloomington parks not being mowed.  We’ve had a lot of rain, but evidently a couple blocks downtown takes priority.

The City has been busy reclassifying employees, many will get raises.  They should be hiring public works employees instead.

If weeds are growing, this mess has been there awhile.  Do citizens have to do the City’s job for them?  What does standing water produce?  Tiny biting disease carrying mosquitoes!

One pic is Clinton and Mulberry.

One pic is Clinton and Monroe.

Two are Clinton and Douglas.




15 thoughts on “Expect flooding and mosquitoes

  1. While I think our taxes are over twice what they should be and our “representation” is probably 3x’s what it should be I think this speaks volume.

    Now I’m not hating on your post because it’s spot on.

    If you got time to take the picture of the issue, you got time to fix the issue. It really wouldn’t take that much effort to clean the drain and we should all chip in and do so when there need is there. Maybe this is why government is over priced and out of hand. People expect everything to be done for them.

    Now having said that, at the price we’re paying we should have lunches delivered to us 3 days a week as well as not be bothered by this type stuff. Also I have to ask myself if I do clean this am I liable for any accidents. Say if there’s a kid trail to the near by garbage can. Maybe I’ll be ticketed for putting yard waste into the trash. Maybe I’ll be harassed for incorrect use of a public road way or sidewalk. I don’t know, could happen.

    None the less, we the people can handle this minor stuff to protect our infrastructure for sure. Course they can stop paying for all the moronic stuff too and slice our taxes.

    Would be a hard culture that refused to do something because it wasn’t their job to.


      1. Thing is, it seems as if Keith actually thinks it’s the job of the People who live here to take care of the streets, ok, granted, now and then in severe emergencies yes, it’s the right thing to do, BUT, the OTHER thing is, Bloomington has well paid employees who are SUPPOSED to be doing these jobs and they really should learn that they do not need to send 5 people to do a 1-2 person job and then those other 3-4 can go do OTHER jobs that need done, that way more will get done. It’s called incompetence at the higher, and highest levels, just another example of what we suffer through here in Bloomington under the reign of Tarry the First and his court full of not very funny jesters.


  2. I thought about sending photos of Constitution Trail behind our house. A few of us regularly cut the grass near our lots-because at our house, the ditch is too wide for the mower the city uses. It gouges out the grass and even the soil. But this year, there hasn’t been regular mowing by the city. Yes it is wet and rains a lot, but the grass was about a foot long when they came this morning to cut. We are traveling today and will be gone for a bit, so I don’t know if they are making hay. I wonder if it just laid out there… guess we’ll find out when we return. Either way, I didn’t get a kick back in the services they billed for but didn’t accomplish.

    And I see Happy Birthday for you in June Diane. Hope it is great!



  3. OMG Keith Lett I am so surprised that you actually sent this post in. I thought you were kidding, lol. Good job! I’m so proud of you for be the devils advocate. But then I put down the pipe, came down from the high and I realized what a jerk you really are and I just want to tell you to stay away from my house. I really think you ought to quit smoking that stuff and save yourself.


  4. I noticed our little park in the middle of eagle Crest had not been mowed the other day. I wonder if they are having trouble keeping up with mowing because it’s been so wet or did the fire at lake Bloomington takeout some key equipment that’s caused a ripple effect on the city’s ability to keep up with their tasks.


      1. Jeez. You certainly know who took the pictures or you wouldn’t have posted them. I gave you the link to report the problems to the Bloomington Public Works department. How much clearer do you want me to be? Should I draw pictures? You don’t know how to click on a link? Either you or the person who photographed these problems can go on the site and R-E-P-O-R-T those situations to the proper department. Capiche?


  5. The city didn’t buy the right equipment for such tasks. As usual, practical thinking is not an asset of local officials. Preferred (think crony) vendors is who the city buys equipment from. Check out the VenTrac which will cut through anything including wet grass, through the mud etc. Nice try in giving them credit though. Actually no, bad try you didn’t fool this old bird for a minute.


    1. No they are Beavis and Butthead now older. BTW Butthead (Fred S.) went to website you showed. They wanted to know where problems existed so THEY (the city) could fix them. Did not see anywhere them asking citizen to fix. With the taxes we pay they can handle it….it’s their JOB.
      Knowing this town if I tried to fix I would either be fined for construction without a permit, arrested for trespass of city property and a grievance filled by the union for doing their job.


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