No Discussion Spending

By:  Diane Benjamin

City Council Monday night:

Remember the Police Review Board the local activist wanted?  (Public Safety Community Relations Board)

I understood this Board was created so after citizens exhausted all other avenues within the police department, they would have another place to go with complaints about the police.  This Board has no investigative powers, and they aren’t supposed to hear complaints anytime somebody feels like filing one.

Why are they setting a Quarterly meeting schedule if they are an As-Needed Board?


The City is spending money to connect these sites to ultra high-speed internet:

This is an expense they wouldn’t have incurred if they didn’t spend money on Quality of Life instead of essential services.

It gets worse.  Internet is from CIRBN, a non-profit company set up through ISU under a Federal Grant.  You can’t sign up with CIRBN, it a government (and a few friends) network you can’t use.  It also cuts out the private sector.  The City received two bids, guess who won:


Prairie Vita is getting new Golf Carts:


Outsourced garbage:

Republic Service will be contracted again to collect garbage at Lake Bloomington.  The documentation looks like 195 houses for $2,084.55.  That would be $10.69 a month per house.

The Council will be talking AGAIN about raising your garbage rate.  Outsourcing won’t be considered.  How much are you paying in town?


The Zoo is costing even more money:


Prairie Vista is also getting a barrier:

All of these items are on the Consent Agenda.

That means they will receive no discussion unless an alderman pulls it.

Look at the amounts.  Every meeting has items like these, these are City priorities – not the priorities of the citizens.

You are looking at why your roads can’t be fixed without tax increases.  Your money is spent where the City wants to spend it, your Quality of Life don’t matter.


10 thoughts on “No Discussion Spending

  1. Well that takes “they are being lied to” off the table. Here it is in black in white and even red! So This means they are not paying attention or they are complicit.

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  2. 20 Mb/s high speed internet?? That’s faster then ANY of the folks on the course PLAY!
    WHY does a golf course NEED high speed internet anyway? So they can get the latest odds? And spending money on the antiquated zoo, is like taking an accordion into a battle!


  3. Increased spending on government attractions for a declining population. Really?! Wow! Brillant. State Farm is in literal freefall and these morons are spending money on Internet upgrades for the golf course and the pathetic zoo.Has the City Council once discussed a possible response to the coming downturn in Bloomington???

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  4. I play golf. I like golf. Prairie already has some of the nicest carts in town with the exception of BCC. Do not believe for a second that green fees won’t be increased to help pay for the carts. Problem is, and this is what they don’t seem to understand, higher green fees mean fewer players, thus, less revenue.

    I can’t understand why they are doing this, but I believe it more every day that they are purposely trying to drive us into bankruptcy.

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