The Honorable Chris Koos

By:  Diane Benjamin

Taxpayers fund trips taken by their elected officials without having a clue what the agenda is.

This year both Koos and Renner attended the US Conference of Mayor where they unanimously supported net neutrality – the government take over of the Internet.

I just got this tip from a reader concerning last years US Conference of Mayors.  They passed a resolution urging Obama to shift spending from militarism to peaceful industries.  Obviously they think we will never be attacked again, so we don’t need a military capable of defending the country.  Maybe they want ISIS in charge of the world for a change.  Keep gutting the military and we won’t be playing a role, including defense.

See the report here:

Then look at who signed it:

The Honorable Chris Koos
Mayor of Normal (IL)

This is the same Koos who signed on to Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  If Koos didn’t know what Bloomberg was up to he should by now.  I wonder if he has dropped his membership since the money is being spent to ban all guns?  (They keep losing by the way)

Your tax dollars paid for Koos to attend and sign his name to a document requesting the President decrease our ability to defend this country and our allies.  Oh, according to the Constitution, defense is the job of the federal government.  Article 2 Section 2 names the President Commander in Chief, not head economic developer.  Nowhere in the Constitution is Obama’s job “peaceful industries”.

Is Bloomington or Normal going to be the first to ban all travel to conferences at your expense?

Probably neither.



6 thoughts on “The Honorable Chris Koos

  1. Is Bloomington/Normal going to finally snap out of their fantasies and elect officials who really give a care about people? No,sorry Hell hasnt froze over yet!

  2. B-N will neve replace the exodus of SF moving to Atlanta, Phoenix, & Dallas. These pie-in-the-sky projects will bankrupt this city as taxes and fees will be too high for new people to want to move here. The mayor, the city manager, and the potted plants are completely incompetent.

  3. Bloomington, and Normal to an even greater extent, is never going to snap out of their fantasy world – in fact, it’s simply getting worse and worse. My Dad used to say a good indicator of the economy of an area is the number of easy credit rip off places, payday loan places and pawn shops in a town and how busy they are, the more of these businesses and how busy they are indicates a poor economy. Another indicator is the number of large empty buildings Bloomington especially is fulll of all of these – I would like to add that an indicator of how many sheep live in a town can be measured by the number of over-priced coffee houses and little trendy shops that keep popping up – BloNo’s sheep population is increasing at a rapid rate.

    1. You are correct. Just drive around B/N and look at the number of empty buildings. I was surprised the other day when I saw Ryan Pharmacy on Oakland Ave. looked empty. Did they close too?

      Why just look at the number of jobs lost, Funks Seed Co. closed, GTE is gone, Eureka Williams is gone, GE is gone and many more. All of those jobs never to return. Now State Farm I hear is slowly moving jobs or not increasing employment here. IAA/Country Companies stays about the same. ISU will have to cut back if Rauner gets his way with cutting funding to them.

      Yet the mayor and potted plants can’t see this for some reason.

      I can’t tell. Is the liberal mayor of Bloomington sitting at the head of the table in this picture posted on WJBC? “Build It and They Will Come” What a joke this is. There are far better places for some technology hub. I suggest they convert that Coliseum into a technology hub and put it to use.

      1. It does indeed look to be Professor Mayor Tari Renner, though I am not 100% sure – just about 98.9% sure

  4. Fine. I’ll quit my day job to fix this shit. Trust me, I remember a day when City Managers typically got rode out on a rail in about 2 years . . . it was meant to be an itinerant job. For a REASON. The current CM said, and I believe it was a condition upon hire, that he would “fix the finances” and that he was a “finance guy”. Clearly we have proof that that is a bunch of bullshit. Now, it’s just a matter of showing him the door. And, since it would appear that most of all y’all ain’t from arun hyeah, and have no point of reference on how we solve problems such as this, I’ll do’it and get it done right the first time.. You can thank me later.

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