Raise garbage fees to gift the Coliseum

By:  Diane Benjamin The Flex basketball team played at the Coliseum last night.  I’d love to post pictures of the non-existent crowd – but the Flex put them on Facebook.  You have to see them there: https://www.facebook.com/flexbasketball  The page also has a pic of the sign the City is planning to replace – it appears to be working just fine. See the list of what the Bloomington budget has planned for spending at the Coliseum – $2,510,000:  https://blnnews.com/2015/02/27/coliseum-2510000/ I wish the Coliseum has worked. I wish the City had hired competent management after spending almost $40 Million to build it, the Pepsi Ice Center, and the parking garage. (before interest on the bonds) I wish people wanted to attend events. Wishes don’t pay the bills.  Without crowds attending sporting events the teams can’t make enough money to keep operating.

This budget cycles WILL see your trash fees raised.

The potted plants will believe the City is contractually obligated to spend $2,510,000 at the failing Coliseum. Evidently the Coliseum Management has a right to violate the contract without consequences, but the City doesn’t. The only people profiting from this City asset is the management – details here:  https://blnnews.com/2015/03/10/more-coliseum-fraud-2/ Taxpayers are being ripped off because the City wishes for success. They will wish for success with a downtown hotel. They will wish for success while spending $8.5 million on downtown lighting and benches. They will wish for success when they spend more on the Sugar Creek Packing Company property. They will wish for success with the Route 66 Visitors Center. They will wish for success in giving your money to the Downtown Business Association that was supposed to support itself years ago. They will wish the BCPA didn’t need a $500,000 subsidy. They will wish people wanted to live downtown, so will the owners of the Ensenberger building.

Renner should be “Wishing” with his own money, but he isn’t.

Renner has 7 potted plants to wish along with him.  Last Monday they spent $245,000 on a property with no defined purpose.  It could be a parking lot.  It could be retail.  It could be an addition to the library.  It could be used by the YMCA.  It could be used for a purpose that for now is still a secret.

Ready for change yet?

April 7th – remove 2 potted plants and prevent a 3rd.  (Painter, Hauman, Buragas) People who think like the people paying the bills are on the ballot.  It’s up to you.

4 thoughts on “Raise garbage fees to gift the Coliseum

  1. Downtown – how can small retailers compete with big retailers on pricing when big retailers buy in bulk and get lower wholesale prices enabling them to sell the same products cheaper to the consumers? Answer: do it better than they do. All business owners need a good business plan and know how to implement it everyday to be competitive and profitable.


  2. The facebook page picture is gone. “Sorry, this page isn’t available” Figures, someone probably found you had a link to it and deleted it. I do see a couple of pictures posted 15hrs ago in their photos. Looks like maybe 10 people in the audience. That could be a higher number than there actually is. Okay maybe 8 people. Haha, no parking problem for this event.

    Unbelievable that the taxpayers and citizens are paying for this.

    Next the excuse will be for low attendance is because there is no nearby hotel.


  3. WJBC website
    “Bloomington state, home rule sales tax drop” ….. no surprise there. The article says the city anticipated this and reacted.

    I wondered why I still hear this sucking sound in my wallet.


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