Bloomington’s Monday Food, Travel, and more

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll for 5/29/2018

See page 86-93.  All the NEGATIVE numbers mean they spent more than was budgeted for that area.

It’s illegal to spend what isn’t budgeted without Council approval.  If I have time I may investigate further.

Note:  Remember all Tari’s free lunches he claimed were for City business?  Once his PCard got yanked, so did almost all the lunches.

1) Expenses for the Rivian trip Alderman Bray isn’t allowed to talk about.  The mayor will return with more “progressive” ideas for your money and the City bought more prizes for Employee Activities Committee partying:  (I think the EDC got paid for the Rivian trip too.)

2)  Celebrate:

3) Library celebrates too:

4) More rewards for retiring:

5) Hum, is it that difficult to keep a PCard safe?

6) More Sister Cities expenses – what public purpose is this?


2 thoughts on “Bloomington’s Monday Food, Travel, and more

  1. Interesting $875 to go to some “shindig” where the mayor learns “politico-speak” with terms like “re-invent” and “right fit” and other such nonsense. Heck for that amount I could git sum GOOD language skillets!
    Hotel and “entertainment” girls optional…


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