Flashback: May 11, 2016 Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin

WJBC has reported Tari Renner wants to end the moratorium on new video gaming  machines:


I remember when the moratorium was put in place, Tari was outraged that $50 million a year went into the machines.  It sounds like he changed his mind.

Back in 2016 Tari was on WJBC talking briefly about video gaming, but before that subject came up a lot of other issues were covered.

Listen to the interview here:  https://audioboom.com/posts/4551685-tari-renner-bloomington-mayor-5-11-16?t=0

Tari hadn’t dropped his attempt at a downtown hotel yet.  He also claimed within 3-4 years Bloomington would be very close to having decent infrastructure.

Renner also talked about a downtown TIF.  He used Normal as an example and claimed no City dollars would be used for economic development.  (Normal borrowed money for developers)  He claimed private investors are already working on properties around the arena.

Downtown business owners were all for the arena before it was built.  They also believed it would spur economic development, it didn’t.   Renner claims the Coliseum didn’t stimulate the downtown economy because it isn’t connected to anything.   That led to the creation of the south west downtown TIF.  The TIF area covers W. Washington to Front between Center and Lee.  That is the area Renner wanted to target to connect the Coliseum.

The TIF report for the year ending 4/30/2018 shows expenses of $98,561 and ZERO Revenue,  We won’t know the fund balance for 4/30/19 for months, but since nothing has changed in the area it will likely still show ZERO revenue.  Included in the TIF is the Front and Center Building, Eagles Club and People’s Bank building.  See the TIF report here:  2018 TIF Downtown Southwest

Tari said he wanted just 10 more events at the Coliseum to cut the red ink.  Instead hockey is gone and scheduled events are infrequent at best.

Renner also mentioned strip malls aren’t the answer to economic development, the US Conference of Mayors told him redeveloping downtown will grow the local economy.

He mentioned success stories like Green Top Grocery and Kroger.

Kroger’s move from Normal to Bloomington is dead.  We don’t know when Green Top will be back on life support.  Infrastructure isn’t noticeably improved.  The TIF created to spur development hasn’t.  Strip malls have business, the mall doesn’t.

Of course Connect Transit still wants an Uptown Transfer station.  The properties now contributing little in property taxes could soon be contributing ZERO.

Isn’t history fun?

Maybe Tari now sees gambling as economic development since nothing else is working.



15 thoughts on “Flashback: May 11, 2016 Renner

  1. Isn’t the Hyatt in downtown Normal up for sale? What makes Tari think a new hotel Bloomington will work?

      1. Actually- a hotel in the State Farm building has been been talked about in the “strategy” discussions on saving that building and what uses it could house.

  2. Tari just wants to control the Downtown through government. Plain and simple. Outcomes don’t matter nor the realities of the marketplace. Past and future promises mean absolutely nothing. At this point, businesses are wise to his heavy-handed, undue influence on the Downtown. Those that refuse to kiss the ring or fall in line are not the “right fit”. I think this says more about the businesses that operate in the Downtown.

  3. Another “BOTTON LINE” Tari and his minions ARE NOT conducive to economic growth in this community.
    He is a LIAR in the SIMPLEST SENSE! He promises a moon walk, and gives us a pair of rose colored glasses for star gazing, which is NO LONGER FUN OR ENTERTAINING!
    HIM and THE COUNCIL have to GO! He lies about most EVERYTHING that comes out of his mouth, and IF he ISN’T lying, he’s “PREDICTING” future growth under his “REIGN” .
    LIARS FIGURE!! I say this to Mr tari, PROVE to me that YOU learned SOMETHING about “ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT” at ALL those mayor conferences that you attend OR STAY HOME! Because they are NOT doing you OR US ANY GOOD!!

  4. The deficit balance in the downtown TIF is a result of “borrowing” for the ilands & bump-outs on Front Street.

    The 2016 interview needs to be replayed during the upcoming mayoral election. 😂

  5. The Islands and bump outs are making the current bus transfer location a nightmare. Huge busses not enough room to pass. It’s by design. We need a transfer center because the busses do not fit anymore.

  6. Speaking of history Professor Renner: Judy M pushing the white elephant “it wont cost the taxpayers one thin dime” Is that what you are trying to tell us about downtown development? No city dollars will be used he says. In a way he is right. It will be TAXPAYER dollars that get used. By hook or by crook,Tari is going to screw citizens royally. Several days ago he said the words public/private venture for the SF building. So today he talks about no city dollars? My advice to Tari is, dont lie one day and turn around and tell a different lie the next.

  7. One thing not mentioned in this affair is the likely involvment of BN Advantage working behind the scenes. They continue to believe that BN is positioned to be the next Silicon Valley. They probably planted the idea in Renner’s head what a great building the SF structure would be for a live-work facility. They are also working hand-in-glove with Koos and ISU on their big entrepreneurial center in Uptown. They also have their eyes on Main Street for development as well.

  8. WELL, they created “prosperity” on Regency/Fairway when they built a median ACROSS the service road IN A TIF!! NOW even the mailman complains because they have to do a “circle loop” to deliver mail on the EAST side of the island, and the car wash on the corner ( which was a good business , is NOW for sale. That’s a CHANCE for prosperity (for someone else to get it cheap)
    And if ALL this isn’t FUN enough, wait until the P.O relocates BACK where it was. I’ll be WALKING across EMPIRE, and raising my life policy!!

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