Koos Hypocrisy Abounds

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal Mayor Chris Koos posted this on Facebook:

climate summit



Tari must not have been invited.  He is going to the US Conference of Mayors that starts to tomorrow in Honolulu:  https://blnnews.com/2019/04/18/off-to-hawaii/

One would think true believers, like Koos, who think we are destroying the world with carbon emissions would:

  • Not fly to Hawaii
  • Never fly on an airplane again – the carbon emissions are okay?

If anybody really cared about the environment this conference would be held on line.  If the US Conference of Mayors cared about fiscal responsibly and climate change, their conference wouldn’t be held in the most remote state in the country.

Evidently demanding a zero carbon economy means us plebs go back to living in caves.  Those in charge get to jet around the globe to learn how to accomplish that.

I wonder if AOC is speaking?

I hope Tari and Chris enjoy their taxpayer funded vacation.  Watch out for the propaganda and plans when they get back.



20 thoughts on “Koos Hypocrisy Abounds

  1. Koos is a true believer in the entire concept of Agenda 21. Getting Rivian to locate in Normal was and never has been about adding additional industry or jobs to the area. Koos sees it as another piece of his contribution to a one world government and the entire elimination of fossil fuels from the planet. Every decision he makes is based on personal political agendas. As far as the Rivian deal goes, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if kickbacks were involved. Wouldn’t be the first or last time that has happened in this town.

  2. But you declared climate change a hoax. So why should you care if he takes an airplane? Also please inform us how someone goes to Hawaii without boarding an airplane? Taking a cruise would result in the same CO2 emissions along with being more expensive. Perhaps you wanted Koos to sprout wings or row in a dinghy to Hawaii? Apparently being both obtuse and silly are the trademark of a deniers. Until scientist develop jet fuel with zero emissions, airplanes will continue to used to travel.

      1. Wow I read some really adolescent responses to posts and such during the day but that takes the cake! Thank you for the chuckle of the day K. Saurer.

      2. OOPS your lunacy disappeared. Maybe you want lots of people to die, that would cut down on the CO2.

    1. Let’s see we had Karlton (c)ASS,Kurt Hoskins and now K (I guess it would be too taxing for you to come up with another name so I will call you Kerry—rhymes with Tari).
      So let us look for what these people have in common.
      1) They are very stupid and present their arguments with no facts. I asked Kurt to cite facts and quotes and he just disappeared.
      2) leads one to correctly believe they are the same fool
      3) Their first names begin with a “K”
      4) so first names combined would be KKK
      5) I get it, it is a democrat celebrating their heritage in creating the KKK.

  3. Actually K. Saurer (resident troll that you are) it’s obvious that you either can’t read or willfully ignore information presented to you as the point was made that if Renner and Koos were so concerned about carbon they should not participate in unnecessary expenditure of carbon by flying when the conference could be done via online. Most conferences (perhaps you’ve never been to one) are a few hours or boring lectures. The draw is the travel, the getaway, the feeling of being important, the drinking and carrying on,,,think Renner Japan embarassing Bloomington moment. Also troll person you should note that the same carbon these idiots want to rid the planet off is the same carbon that we exhale when we breathe. Maybe the world population should just quit breathing which would include no more cow farts, (are you , Koos, and Renner vegans now?) lol, you people are crazy! Oh yeah one more point. The U.S. military uses more carbon than the rest of the people on this earth combined but you don’t see any of the carbon-nazis like Koos or Renner out there protesting about war do you? Ya ought to just give it up KS troll. You’re very misinformed and you’re not fooling anyone here. Perhaps knitting or crocheting might interest you for a new hobby.

      1. Well Diane I’m still laughing at you. Maybe you should go crying again to the McLean County sheriff again with a report about an “OLD LADY”. Maybe I will visit you after all. Get your gun out to blow away a retired librarian. You are a delusional mentally ill woman who apparently has nothing to do than to write slander and ignorant unscientific nonsense.

      2. I remember this old bat—-the librarian. Did she not get fired? So I guess if I remember correctly she is retired due to a dishonorable discharge. As far her other comments….they say it all.

      3. …and when I said “they say it all” I meant that in reference to the less than sane dishonorably discharged librarian…..I hope she does come down my way….I would love to see what a bat wrapped in a straight jacket in 90+ degree weather looks like.

      4. Regina Be – please resume your medication immediately – remember what the Dr said could happen? You remember what he said, “Rodeo goat on crack crazy”, right?

  4. Can I make a motion? Huh? Okay well, I’d like to make a motion that Regina Be and all of her troll alias’s are barred from this blog site. Can I get a second? Ain’t my blog, ain’t my business. Just a suggestion.

  5. In re KS comment, I’m 100% for Koos rowing a dinghy to Hawai’i – might take him a few years going against the prevailing Pacific currents. And he might go off course. WILSON!

  6. Says it’s for “Global thought leaders and field experts” so WHY the heck is Koos going?

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