Mayors traveling – at your expense

By:  Diane Benjamin

According to this website:

there were 19,505 communities in the United States in 2015.

16,470 have a population under 10,000.  That leaves 3,035 larger cities.

The US Conference of Mayors claims to represent 1,409 communities.  Since tiny cities don’t attend, 1409 of 3035 is only 46.4%.

The next meeting is June 8th – June 11th.  I know Tari Renner is planning to attend.  Chris Koos has gone in the past, so he most likely is attending too.

See this link:

Agenda items are listed at the top.

There is a reason only 46.4% of mayors across the country are members.  The US Conference of Mayors believes government creates prosperity through equality, diversity, and big big government programs.  (socialism)

I can’t wait for Tari and Chris to return with more Utopian plans.

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This page claims more than 250 mayors will attend, way below the 1409 members:

Don’t forget, you are paying the cost.  This time it takes place in Boston.











15 thoughts on “Mayors traveling – at your expense

  1. The “Good Ole Boy’s” are a little late, but rumor has it they are finally going to sign the Declaration Of Independence thingy.

  2. There will be on average 5 Mayors/State. Bloomington/Normal ate providing 2 from Illinois.
    I noticed there will be color coded badges for attendees. There will be badges available for partners, spouses and children. Wonder if Margo will be traveling to Boston. Next year’s conference will be held in Honolulu, HI.
    I see no topic to be presented that is if any value for Bloomington. “What to do when major employers downsize.”

  3. What a load or progressive-speak (aka twaddle) that Letter from Landrieu is – Tailor made for “our” little progressives Tarry and Chrissie. I’m SURE they will have a fabulous time.

  4. Why not have the conference in the booming Blo/No next year to see all the good ideas in action. Being the host city would be a plum for Illinois.

  5. 85% of the mayors DON’T attend because they’ll run into mayors like Tari and Koos!
    Would YOU call that a pseudo-vacation?
    That and the OTHER mayors are busy taking care of BUSINESS and not off drinking, eating, partying and living large on the TAXPAYER dollar!
    Mayors from MOST of the country have RESPECT for their constituents!
    And when they DO eat out, it’s at the local diner on their OWN MONEY!
    That’s why THEY have RESPECT from their voters..
    BOTTOM LINE… IF you NEED to go to some conference to LEARN how to run a city, MAYBE you SHOULD NOT have the job? Seems logical..

  6. Your math is off… subtracted 10,000 (the population number you mentioned) instead of subtracting 16,470 from the total of 19,505. So the total would be 1409 of 3035 for 46.4% of mayors/cities attending, instead of 1409 of 9505 for 14.8%.

  7. Obviously no nobody really reads your story, nor can they count. 19,505 – 16,470 = 3,035
    1,409 of 3,035 is 46.5%

    So, nearly 50% of the larger city Mayors are going? Doesn’t sound as juicy as your story !

      1. They always like to think the things they think are cool is what “everyone” is doing – they are usually mistaken. It will be good to find out the ACTUAL number that attended and then also it would be great if we knew if they actually showed up to the little seminars they signed up for.

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