Know what these bills are for?

Bills and Payroll – City of Bloomington for 7-6

All bills marked Bulk Disp are for hauling trash dropped off at the “convenience center”. Henson frequently hauls standard sized dumpsters numerous times a day. Every bill will show an $80 charge for trucking.

97 loads x $80 = $7760. The City could have hauled the trash to them instead of paying $80 a trip. It’s only a little over 2 miles away. Contractors aren’t allowed to drop off materials, I hear they do anyway. Take a pic and send it to me if you see one.

Other things to know:

The Kirk Brothers are who Bloomington paid $1.4 million to for the North Main Property.

One more, Henson contributed to Tari’s re-election:



11 thoughts on “Know what these bills are for?

  1. It would be interesting to see if Fazzini’s advice to Henson was to hire him so he can lobby to his pal Tari to use them for services. Could he have sold it as a ‘slam dunk’ they would be contracted with if they hired him? I wouldn’t be surprised if another $1,000 or more goes in for Tari’s next campaign.

    1. Rob is from the Chicago area and also an IWU graduate. This dynamic combination qualifies you as an expert on everything from high finance to alternative fuel development. It is likely he and the professor are convinced they can be the leading research and development go-to guys for turning garbage into jet fuel and become billionaires. IWU is a national leader in this type of research so the arrangements make perfect sense.

  2. My gawd! And then there is that creepy Fazzini character, probably laughing all the way to the bank. Yet another flagrant misuse of taxpayer funds.

  3. Nothing funny going on here at all….support the Mayor and you get rewarded. That is how it is supposed to work, right? Nice return on investment for a $1000 political contribution to Mayor Little Man! Looks like old Tom Kirk has got himself a money machine… How can I get in on this (scam) deal? Do I have to give money to Mayor Little Man and kiss his you know what?

  4. Let’s privatize all trash pickup and let the local garbage businesses get the trash picked up. This approach would eliminate the current waste and pensions.

    The city employees could go work for private companies because the garbage businesses would need to increase their staffing.

    1. Peoria divided the City in sections and you have to go with the hauler you are assigned to – not competitive. Decatur is a free-for-all of haulers. Pick your own, change if they don’t do the job or charge to much. I like their system.

  5. A lot of people say ‘We need to get the money out of politics!’ This is prime example of why the only way to do that is to get the money out of Government. So long as a business can potentially get an enormous return on investment from a politician, they Will find a way to make a ‘contribution’, whether it’s as basic as campaign donation or as obscure as paying Way over market for a politician’s cousin’s neighbor’s used car.

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