The Rest of Bloomington, grab your wallet

By: Diane Benjamin The IT Department is planning major upgrades, the presentation starts at 50:45. The projected budget for the year that ended 4/30/21 was $3,429,242. The budget for this year increase 15.5% to $4,182,365, an increase of $753,123. Source: Budget PDF page 167 This graphic at 59:19 shows where the IT Department wants […]

Bloomington Fun

By: Diane Benjamin If you can’t wait to hear Public Comment from the pre-meeting concerning Jenn Carrillo’s Facebook post, just hit play below. It starts right after roll call. Another Public Comment session (much shorter) took place before the 6:00 meeting. It starts around 50:50. Jenn Carrillo was not censured last night. The 6-3 vote […]

Know what these bills are for?

Bills and Payroll – City of Bloomington for 7-6 All bills marked Bulk Disp are for hauling trash dropped off at the “convenience center”. Henson frequently hauls standard sized dumpsters numerous times a day. Every bill will show an $80 charge for trucking. 97 loads x $80 = $7760. The City could have hauled […]