Bloomington spends HUGE next year

By: Diane Benjamin

This is just spending on Capital Projects. FY 2023 ends on 4/30/2023, FY 2024 is what matters. Asphalt and Concrete should have been $10M years ago, it needs to be that high for MANY MORE years. See the slide at 30:13. It’s not all roads however.

The Coliseum will forever be a drain on City finances, it is the only Enterprise Fund that isn’t required to break even. I think MFT (State) is a carryover from this year since the Hamilton Road and Fox Creek Bridge projects still haven’t been done. (see slide at 28:13)

Note a lot of this infracture work wouldn’t have been possible without the Feds digitizing money to hand out.

Details can be found by scrolling through the video. Each department head took turns reporting what projects they want in the budget.

See the slide at 16:03. Parks wants $25,000 to finish landscaping around the “monument” at Veterans and Route 9 that was already over $50,000:

They now what to build another one for $75,000 where I74 and I55 cross. See slide at 16:03. Then see 47:15. Mollie Ward agrees money can be spent elsewhere that will actually make a difference for citizens.

See 23:05 – $175,000 for a solar and EV charging evaluation. Maybe they can hire Normal candidate Andy Byar’s firm.

See 26:29 – the City has to buy land somewhere because the Convenience Center has to be moved. How about using the North Main property there is no market for that you already own? Still trying to find a mixed use developer? Hasn’t it been at least 5 years by now? Bloomington didn’t learn from Normal about free markets? The same slide has Constitution Trail extensions.

See the slide at 36:55. The Locust-Colton sewer project is accelerated. The City has to start at the highest point dividing water from sewer. That will help with flooding downstream. Eventually the entire system will have divided pipes. This is another item the City has known needs done for decades. You elected downtown clowns instead of serious people. The flooding in June of 2021 and potholed filled streets are the result. Citizens deserve better. Planning to vote for a change?

Start at 14:38

3 thoughts on “Bloomington spends HUGE next year

  1. Don’t we all WISH that we could have a 22.5% increase to our budget?
    Sadly, too many taxpayers are too naive (I prefer stupid) to understand that it is their money.
    So glad that I survived and got the hell out of hellinoiz and moved to RED TEXAS when I retired

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