Pile up the Junk!

By:  Diane Benjamin

It doesn’t seem that long ago when Bloomington finally finished cleaning up the first Bulk Waste Collections Extravaganza.

October 1st it starts all over again.  Don’t put your junk on the curb too early or they will charge you for picking it up,

Bloomington released this information yesterday:    http://www.cityblm.org/Home/Components/News/News/7025/

Last time took longer than 15 days.  Keep in mind, the guys patching potholes won’t be patching potholes.  They will be collecting your junk instead.

Also keep in mind your garbage rates are going to increase 3% every year courtesy of the Bloomington City Council – even as bulk services decrease to twice a year.      https://blnnews.com/2018/02/27/solid-waste-done/









3 thoughts on “Pile up the Junk!

  1. I see trash piled EVERYWHERE these days, while our streets have gone to heck, and it’s NOT WINTER yet! I wonder how they charge IF someone has moved? Put a lien on the place? Yep our council people SURE know how run things-into the ground!


  2. Methinks the City of Bloomington and their overpaid mouthpiece Nora Durkowitz don’t know the meaning of the word. FREE. No Nora and Tari… IT IS NOT FREE!!!! It is just that you are not charging your new extra fee for services that used to be provided at no extra charge. Taxpayers are still paying for this service.

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  3. No such thing as “FREE” especially in Blono! Taxpayers are footing the bill for so many things you cant keep track and Tari wants it that way. Free bulky waste? Free parking? Free food? It all costs money and you’d have to be a liberal to believe that ANYTHING is FREE!


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